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-------- Compatibility ----------------------------------

The toolbox should work and compile on all versions of Matlab later than 2009b.

-------- Compiling the MEX interfaces  ------------------

LTFAT comes with C Mex interfaces written for all computationally
intensitive function in the toolbox.

To compile the Mex-interfaces, type "ltfatmex" on the Matlab command
prompt. This will compile all the available mex-functions.

If you have downloaded a binary release, everything is already
compiled and you should not need to do anything else.

The Mex-files links to certain libraries, most importantly to the
LTFAT C-library. In order to compile the Mex-interfaces, you must
first compile the C library.  The "ltfatmex" will
automatically build the library if you have installed the correct

--------- Compiling on MacOS -------------------------------------------

On MacOS, you must have the gcc compiler and the FFTW libraries
installed. Then just type "ltfatmex" and everything should work.

--------- Compiling on Microsoft Windows -------------------------------

On Windows, you will need to do the following: 

- Download and unpack binaries of the FFTW library from
  http://www.fftw.org/install/windows.html. Copy all *.dll files to the 
  ltfat/mex directory.
- Download and install TDM-GCC compiler suite from
  http://tdm-gcc.tdragon.net/download. Ensure that the [MinGW]/bin 
  directory is in the system PATH, where [MinGW] stands for instalation direcory.
- Run "ltfatmex".

Both 32bit and 64bit Windows are supported. Please use appropriate versions
of FFTW and TDM-GCC.

--------- Compiling libltfat on Linux ------------------------------------

On Linux / Unix, the "ltfatmex" script will automatically compile the
ltfat C library. You can also perform this step manually by doing the
following steps:

- Open a terminal, and change to the ltfat/src directory (using 'cd')

- Type 'make'

The mex interfaces must be linked to some external libraries, which
are all standard packages in most Linux distributions. This is the
FFTW, LAPACK and BLAS libraries:

- On Redhat / Fedora, install the packages 'fftw-devel',
  'lapack-devel' and 'blas-devel' and their dependcies.

- On Debian / Ubuntu, install the packages 'libfftw3-dev',
  'libblas-dev' and 'liblapack-dev'.

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