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--- a/mex/block_interface.h
+++ b/mex/block_interface.h
@@ -8,13 +8,23 @@
 char name[COMMAND_LENGTH];
 mxArray* var;
-void (*setter)(biEntry* obj,mxArray* in);
-mxArray* (*getter)(biEntry* obj);
-//const mxArray* defaultVal;
+void (*setter)(struct biEntry* obj,mxArray* in);
+mxArray* (*getter)(struct biEntry* obj);
+void (*reseter)(struct biEntry* obj, mxArray* in);
 void defaultSetter(biEntry* obj,mxArray* in);
 mxArray* defaultGetter(biEntry* obj);
+biEntry* lookupEntry(const char* name, biEntry* dict, size_t dictLen);
+ * Custom functions
+ * */
+mxArray* getSource(biEntry* obj);
+mxArray* getEnqBufCount(biEntry* obj);
+mxArray* getToPlay(biEntry* obj);
+void incPageNo();

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