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[5552f7] by prusa prusa

There is still bug in comp_filterbank, but it is not built by any of the Makefiles.
Attempt for evaluation of frame bounds of dwt and general wavelet filterbank trees.

2013-08-30 13:13:56 Tree
[e478b6] by prusa prusa

comp_filterbank.c now stores FFTW plan and the temp. array between calls.

2013-08-29 17:43:32 Tree
[41302f] by Peter L. Søndergaard Peter L. Søndergaard

added minimum version check to ltfatstart

2013-08-29 12:22:15 Tree
2013-08-27 08:05:04 Tree
[78c430] by prusa prusa

Fix for #90.

2013-08-28 14:04:07 Tree
[372af6] by prusa prusa

Fixes for #88 and #89.

2013-08-28 11:06:53 Tree
[69bec9] by prusa prusa

mexExecuter for Linux

2013-08-27 22:46:36 Tree
[48b1bc] by prusa prusa

Added experimental mexExecuter to allow calling MEX functions from outside of the Matlab. This should make MEX file debugging and profiling way easier.
Plus minor stuff.

2013-08-27 17:44:39 Tree
[290901] by prusa prusa

Added comp_filterbank_fft and comp_filterbank_fftbl as OCT files.

2013-08-23 12:09:31 Tree
[cd6f75] by prusa prusa

Another fix of #87.
Fix in demo_imagecompression. Ratio from 0.1% to 5%.

2013-08-23 11:51:23 Tree
[590e9d] by prusa prusa

Merge branch 'master' of ssh://

2013-08-23 09:59:38 Tree
[f91008] by prusa prusa

Fix for bug #87

2013-08-23 09:58:43 Tree
[bd61c9] by prusa prusa

Hiding symbols of functions in MEX files on Linux

2013-08-22 20:57:58 Tree
[be8558] by prusa prusa

Added FISTA algorithm to franalasso.

2013-08-22 17:19:22 Tree
[ce820c] by prusa prusa

Fixes of #66 and #86

2013-08-22 12:11:24 Tree
[a5c381] by prusa prusa

Experimental C implementation of comp_filterbank routines.

2013-08-21 17:27:28 Tree
[164e09] by prusa prusa

... and forgot one file.

2013-08-21 07:11:29 Tree
[fbe9cf] by prusa prusa

Fixed bug in test_erbfilters. Reorganized blockproc demos.

2013-08-20 17:16:54 Tree
[23f8f0] by prusa prusa

Fixed bug #66 rewrite gammatonefir.

2013-08-19 10:00:25 Tree
[b6ad1a] by prusa prusa

Some more work on comp_filterbank etc. test_erbfilters now passes for the filterbankdual. filterbanktight has probably a bug in it.

2013-08-14 17:05:05 Tree
[797cbb] by prusa prusa

Fix in wfilt_matlabwtwrapper

2013-08-14 09:05:51 Tree
[a7a2b5] by prusa prusa

Added pitch-shift demo.

2013-08-09 12:00:08 Tree
[0e7daa] by prusa prusa

Converted wavelet filters to a format of firfilter.
Moved some stuff from comp_filterbank to comp_filterbank_pre.
Cleaned wavelets dir.
Added conversion function wfbt2filterbank which creates equivalent plain filterbank from a arbitrary filterbank tree.
comp_transferfunction now checks for existence of additional fields of the input struct. Mandatory fields are now .h and .offset for the FIR filter and .H and .foff for band-limited filters.

2013-08-08 09:26:19 Tree
[036ffe] by prusa prusa

Some polishing of the demos.

2013-08-01 19:59:35 Tree
[6c2dfb] by prusa prusa

Block processing framework now contains overlap-save/overlap-add implementation of dgt and dgtreal. Added some demos.

2013-08-01 16:19:08 Tree
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