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[81dd92] by Zdenek Prusa Zdenek Prusa

Fixed MEX and OCT template helpers

Handling of cell arrays was incorrect.

2014-08-11 17:23:33 Tree
[823b9d] by Zdenek Prusa Zdenek Prusa

Trivial fixes in and test_ufwt.m

2014-07-15 15:57:26 Tree
[5b9876] by prusa prusa

Fixes, code reformatting

plus non-uniform to uniform filterbank transform routines.

2014-04-10 16:36:50 Tree
[1c1ce2] by prusa prusa

Moved phase locking/unlocking from Matlab to C

This concerns both dgt and dgtreal on reg. lattices.
The operations were very slow in Octave.

2014-04-10 11:16:40 Tree
[dd104e] by prusa prusa

Big change in the build system

Trying to do something clever with ltfatmex.
pa_dll_playrec.c is again plain ansi C compatible.

2014-02-20 20:33:04 Tree
[48f0d4] by prusa prusa

Changes in the blockproc GUI. 1) Window position can be now set on creation. 2) Ctrl-C shortcut is now caught by the GUI so the processing loop is ended properly. 3) More JAVA exceptions checks
Added a possibility to specify a "transition area" in the slicing window approach.
Added a possibility to call blockplot without a frame object.
Changed the manual linking of MEXs in comp_*filterbank.c to a back call to Matlab.

2014-02-17 13:05:33 Tree
[e48ca6] by prusa prusa

Fixed comp_cellcoef2tf and added a OCT version.

2014-02-17 11:06:31 Tree
[b21f68] by prusa prusa

LTFAT_COMPLEX_NAME changed to LTFAT_COMPLEXH in the C files.
Added Cosine Modulated M-band wavelet filters.

2014-01-31 12:19:11 Tree
[93c667] by prusa prusa

Backend lib now exports symbols properly without the explicit .def file.
Refactored dct, dst, gga, czt functions to take input arguments in a consistent way.
Refactored plans for the filterbank routines.
Removed some more unnecessary casts from void*
Added condition number check to test_dgt.

2014-01-23 15:39:56 Tree
[ba1662] by prusa prusa

The backend C library now consistently uses ltfatInt (ptrdiff_t or int) for array lengths.
fftreal moved to the backend.
dct and dst moved to the backend.
filterbank routines moved to the backend.
framematrix is now deprecated, and was replaced by frsynmatrix, which better reflect what the function does.

2014-01-20 18:56:44 Tree
[bee244] by prusa prusa

Fixed time hop sizes in plots in examples in erblett and cqt.
Renamed framematrix to frsynmatrix.
framenative2coef does not fail anymore if the frame object does not contain native2coef field.
Forgotten oct/

2013-12-11 17:05:43 Tree
[8fb135] by prusa prusa

Lot of text-reformatting of the C code.

2013-12-05 09:46:11 Tree
[f1ff16] by prusa prusa

Closing #22 FEATURE: Complete C implementation of Wilson and MDCT transform.
Rewrite of the dgt comp. routines.

2013-11-29 14:15:05 Tree
[3deeb5] by prusa prusa

Added optional scaling of wpfbt coefficients.
Backend rewrittent to a C99 complex.h number format.

2013-11-21 18:14:54 Tree
[e5fffd] by prusa prusa

Rewritten INSTALL instructions.
Sliding spectrogram plot now zooms using mouse wheel.
Major rewrite of the buildsystem ltfatmex and some Makefiles.
LTFAT can be now easily compiled for Octave on Windows.
New ifilterbank_* routines as OCT files.
Added which provides correct $(RM) and $(CP) for each platform.
And fixed some bugs.

2013-11-13 19:06:26 Tree
[ef4b24] by Peter L. Søndergaard Peter L. Søndergaard

removed the checking of fftw header files

2013-10-31 13:48:02 Tree
[290901] by prusa prusa

Added comp_filterbank_fft and comp_filterbank_fftbl as OCT files.

2013-08-23 12:09:31 Tree
[0e7daa] by prusa prusa

Converted wavelet filters to a format of firfilter.
Moved some stuff from comp_filterbank to comp_filterbank_pre.
Cleaned wavelets dir.
Added conversion function wfbt2filterbank which creates equivalent plain filterbank from a arbitrary filterbank tree.
comp_transferfunction now checks for existence of additional fields of the input struct. Mandatory fields are now .h and .offset for the FIR filter and .H and .foff for band-limited filters.

2013-08-08 09:26:19 Tree
[8d7bed] by prusa prusa

Added optional JAVA classes compilation to ltfatmex and some fixes.

2013-07-29 09:49:30 Tree
[3f46ef] by Peter L. Søndergaard Peter L. Søndergaard

final commit before submitting for an octave package

2013-07-18 11:19:52 Tree
[fb31b4] by Peter L. Soendergaar Peter L. Soendergaar

rearranged structure of the Octave package

2013-07-17 22:19:06 Tree
[4d9d8f] by Peter L. Søndergaard Peter L. Søndergaard

First attempt an Octave package for 1.4.1

2013-07-17 14:32:18 Tree
[6bb1b6] by prusa prusa

Tried to fig a OCT compilation bug reported by Christoph.

2013-06-25 15:38:04 Tree
[185990] by prusa prusa

DCT and DST are now implemented as OCTs and MEXs.

2013-06-21 11:37:18 Tree
[788fb7] by prusa prusa

Fixed bug #55 Complex values in FWT on Octave.
Fixed the same issue as in the previous commit for OCT files.
Successfully tested demo_blockproc in Octave on Windows!

2013-06-13 16:23:33 Tree
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