linear-algebra Log

Commit Date  
[2e5257] by jpicarbajal

linear-algebra: nmf_bpas ready to deliver.

2012-04-11 13:34:25 Tree
[76c0f2] by jpicarbajal

linear-algebra: continue adapting nmf_bpas

2012-03-26 09:28:30 Tree
[9e77f6] by jpicarbajal

linear-algebra: adapting nmf_bpas to Octave standards

2012-03-25 17:01:24 Tree
[749b6e] by jpicarbajal

linear-algebra: adding another algorithm for nmf

2012-03-25 15:43:42 Tree
[0222f5] by jpicarbajal

linear-algebra: style fix to nmf_pg

2012-03-18 12:24:58 Tree
[d43543] by jpicarbajal

linear-algebra: nmf_pg ready to release

2012-03-17 10:15:54 Tree
[13ab73] by jpicarbajal

linear-algebra: adding dependency to general 1.3.0

2012-03-16 14:47:37 Tree
[e2c5cc] by jpicarbajal

linear-algebra: Beginning to add nonnegative matrix factorization

2012-03-16 11:24:04 Tree
[b2a3c0] by hauberg

Fix missing parenthesis

2012-02-05 07:52:03 Tree
[b34ca3] by carandraug

linear-algebra: makefile updated to link to LAPACK. Patch submitted by marco atzeri <>

2012-01-10 18:00:16 Tree
[dcf932] by carandraug

linear-algebra: bump version

2011-11-06 00:38:49 Tree
[741dbb] by carandraug

linear-algebra: update INDEX

2011-11-06 00:37:47 Tree
[0eea6a] by carandraug

test_gsvd: removed since it has been implemented into

2011-11-06 00:31:15 Tree
[58905c] by carandraug

linear-algebra: created NEWS file for new release

2011-11-06 00:12:17 Tree
[ba7da5] by carandraug

pgmres: fixed all warnings about non-initialized variables, and 'control reaches end of non-void function'

2011-11-02 20:57:05 Tree
[757e99] by carandraug

pgmres: replace tabs per spaces

2011-11-02 19:27:33 Tree
[34bc6b] by carandraug

gsvd: don't initialize unused variable

2011-11-02 19:24:50 Tree
[5524f4] by carandraug

gsvd: replace tabs per spaces and remove trailing whitespace

2011-11-02 19:07:05 Tree
[3d7cd0] by carandraug

linear-algebra: fixed Makefile to compile pgmres and use Wall

2011-11-02 18:36:05 Tree
[bb8f48] by carandraug

pgmres: added warning about being deprecated when used

2011-11-02 18:35:09 Tree
[7e35bd] by carandraug

thfm: fix error in help text

2011-11-02 18:00:33 Tree
[4992a4] by carandraug

thfm: rewrite of function with switch statement

2011-10-21 14:51:18 Tree
[d975d7] by carandraug

thfm: wrote help text in texinfo

2011-10-21 14:29:54 Tree
[7a072a] by carandraug

linear-algebra: updated list of functions in INDEX

2011-10-21 14:15:50 Tree
[18a997] by carandraug

linear-algebra: small things
* replaced tabs by spaces
* added e-mails addresses to copyright notices
* fixes to help text
* removed trailing whitespace

2011-10-21 11:09:30 Tree
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