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[2ec021] by hauberg

Added a lot of .cvsignore's in main

2006-08-21 18:39:26 Tree
[a8652f] by hauberg

Changed the directory structure to match the package system

2006-08-20 13:22:29 Tree
[af4a94] by hauberg

Changed the directory structure to match the package system

2006-08-20 13:06:07 Tree
[8af04b] by jwe

*** empty log message ***

2006-05-19 06:58:51 Tree
[f7be48] by adb014

patch to allow 2.9.x autoload functionality to replace symbolic links

2006-01-07 05:12:00 Tree
[8ffe31] by pkienzle

Use fopen 'rt' in tests; check that filename is a string.

2005-12-06 13:12:26 Tree
[c73d17] by pkienzle

[with Bill Denney] improved functionality; texinfo docs

2005-11-29 06:52:33 Tree
[14c29b] by pkienzle

Support sq_string/string distinction.

2005-11-04 22:24:34 Tree
[e43f3d] by pkienzle

Extend compatibility to control precision and newline, and allow append.

2005-10-20 14:42:02 Tree
[a5b19d] by pkienzle

[for Bill Denney] setstr -> char

2005-09-08 03:12:29 Tree
[b48888] by pkienzle

[for Bill Denney] isstr -> ischar

2005-09-08 02:00:18 Tree
[0677a7] by pkienzle

[For Bill Denney] specify file open mode as text or binary.

2005-08-30 01:18:34 Tree
[1b0e2b] by sjvdw

Replace `textread' with a faster, dynamically-linked function.

2005-06-17 14:36:55 Tree
[00dd9b] by adb014

typo in help prevented texinfo working

2005-05-30 09:17:11 Tree
[6e670a] by pkienzle

Author/Copyright consistency

2005-05-25 03:43:43 Tree
[542bc3] by qspencer

Changed textread.m so that it returns cell arrays rather than lists. Changed
xlsread from DOS to UNIX end of line characters.

2005-03-09 22:07:28 Tree
[cce27f] by pkienzle

Wrappers for dlmread/dlmwrite for compatibility

2004-09-09 13:37:49 Tree
[c3d16a] by mazet

change all yy* into xml_*

2004-07-28 06:56:58 Tree
[da9103] by mazet

* Empty cell are no more replaced by NaN
* Fix a bug with string in cell

2004-07-27 08:50:10 Tree
[947430] by aadler

modifications for changes to getfields

2004-07-23 21:09:00 Tree
[7dbbbd] by pkienzle

[for Mark Esplin] skip user-specified number of leading rows.

2004-07-09 05:40:05 Tree
[81a482] by adb014

Allow dist, distclean and clean targets to run without Makeconf. Replace include with sinclude in Makefiles. Build fixed and comm docs as part of dist target

2004-07-07 09:38:51 Tree
[cb281b] by pkienzle

Use OCTAVE_LOCAL_BUFFER for runtime array allocation

2004-07-06 21:36:46 Tree
[f1ba0f] by pkienzle

Ignore build outputs

2004-07-02 10:16:10 Tree
[b61ee0] by schloegl

filesep is now part of Octave; its not needed here eanymore

2004-06-23 14:30:27 Tree
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