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[f4e068] by John W. Eaton John W. Eaton

* __conditional_mark_patterns_lut_fun__.m, cp2tform.m, fchcode.m,
imadjust.m, iradon.m, regionprops.m: Use ... for continuation marker
to avoid deprecated syntax warning.

2013-08-28 20:28:54 Tree
[ba3b6e] by John W. Eaton John W. Eaton

* iptcheckmap.m, iptcheckstrs.m: Avoid deprecated syntax warning about
using '...' continuation inside double quoted character string.

2013-08-28 17:37:19 Tree
[dffca7] by Cristian Versari Cristian Versari

histeq.m: restored, was broken after change to gray2ind; added tests block.

2013-08-09 13:17:07 Tree
[ab0ac7] by Andreas Weber Andreas Weber

fixed regionprops 'centroid' (bug #39701)

* regionprops.m (all_coords): Find returns a row vector if 'bw' is a row vector,
therefore changed idx to idx(:) to always get a column vector.
Fixed flip of the first two columns of C.
* regionprops.m: New tests for regionprops(bw, 'centroid').

2013-08-06 15:53:48 Tree
[b2e168] by Carn? Draug Carn? Draug

Large rewrite of __spatial_filtering__ function for increased performance.

* __spatial_filtering__ (do filtering): calculation of the subscript
indexes for the true elements of the SE outside the loop; use of
pointers to the fortran_vec and linear indexes to avoid () operator;
add a lot of comments about what's going on; use class name instead
of an object of that class to call class functions.

2013-07-26 04:18:23 Tree
[577f26] by Carn? Draug Carn? Draug

strel: implement hypercube and hyperrectangle shapes.

* @strel/strel.m: implement the hypercube and hyperrectangle shapes.
* @strel/getsequence.m: implement SE decomposition for the new
shapes. Generalize with the square, cube, and rectangle shapes.

2013-07-23 04:30:57 Tree
[c82d1a] by Carn? Draug Carn? Draug

maint: create hg tags for all releases

2013-07-19 00:28:06 Tree
[8f13dc] by Carn? Draug Carn? Draug

maint: add and fix old entries on NEWS file

2013-07-19 00:27:31 Tree
[e2da26] by Carn? Draug Carn? Draug

impixel: New function.

* impixel.m: New function.
* INDEX: update list with impixel.
* NEWS: reference new function impixel.

2013-07-15 04:39:38 Tree
[953343] by Carn? Draug Carn? Draug

imtranslate: fix typo on var name that made function unusable (bug #39450)

* imtranslate.m: bug was introduced with cset b45189bda253 when changing
the way default arguments are defined.

2013-07-09 17:13:13 Tree
[a55044] by Carn? Draug Carn? Draug

fftconv2: style fixes and input checks.

* fftconv2.m: add input check that shape is a string, and return an
appropriate error if an invalid shape is choosen instead of silently
always returning full convolution. Style fixes (indentation with 2
spaces and spaces between function calls and parentheses).

2013-07-08 01:40:37 Tree
[8ba642] by Carn? Draug Carn? Draug

fftconv2: fix usage for convolving matrix with 2 different vectors.

* fftconv2.m: fix usage when different vectors are used for
convolving a matrix in row and columns direction. This usage
had been removed with cset 87149a91653d since it had never
worked properly (but it was never released yet).
* NEWS: remove note about having previously removed fftcon2
usage with 2 different vectors.

2013-07-08 01:24:39 Tree
[143dbc] by Carn? Draug Carn? Draug

maint: add hgignore file

2013-06-17 18:22:47 Tree
[00409c] by carandraug

montage: fix bug when getting filename for multipage files

2013-06-06 13:31:02 Tree
[307eee] by carandraug

montage: broadcast assignment (style fixes)

2013-06-05 14:57:37 Tree
[989032] by carandraug

montage: new function with dependency on general package for inputParser

2013-06-05 10:43:53 Tree
[9212b0] by carandraug

getrangefromclass: return values of class double. Small style fixes.

2013-06-05 10:42:55 Tree
[5153da] by carandraug

rgb2ycbcr: better comments, and fix small bug on the actual used range

2013-06-01 14:45:48 Tree
[359d11] by adam78a

analyze75read.m: Style fixes.

* analyze75read.m: Style fixes.

2013-05-15 19:55:31 Tree
[3abfca] by carandraug

ycbcr2rgb: new function

* private/ycbcrfunc: private function for code of ycbcr2rgb
and rgb2ycbcr functions which are very similar
* rgb2ycbcr: move most of the code to new private function
and share with new ycbcr2rgb function
* ycbcr2rgb: new function
* INDEX: add enw function
* NEWS: mention new function

2013-05-05 16:18:48 Tree
[87149a] by carandraug

rgb2ycbcr: complete rewrite

* calculations are now made with double precision with a color matrix
* can now accept images of class double, single, uint8 and uint16
* can now accept colormaps
* added tests
* new argument to specify standard
* new argument to specify Kb and Kr

2013-05-05 07:48:19 Tree
[1f9d89] by carandraug

image: remove previously deprecated functions

* bmpwrite: removed (deprecated with 2.0.0)
* blkproc: removed (deprecated with 2.0.0)
* dilate: removed (deprecated with 2.0.0)
* erode: removed (deprecated with 2.0.0)
* NEWS: list of removed functions

2013-05-05 04:09:40 Tree
[80779f] by carandraug

image: remove functions moved to Octave core and dependent on >= 3.8

* cmpermute: moved to core
* cmunique: moved to core
* iscolormap: moved to core
* rgbplot: moved to core
* NEWS: mention removed functions
* DESCRIPTION: increased dependecy on Octave >= 3.8 (next release
which will have the functions being removed)

2013-05-05 04:04:40 Tree
[3d0ea6] by carandraug

showcmap: remove function (use rgbplot with composite option instead)

2013-05-05 03:54:10 Tree
[624e86] by carandraug

image: add tests to findbounds and imtransform. Patch by Pantxo Diribarne <pantxo@dibona>

2013-04-29 12:53:23 Tree
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