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[c3b01e] (release-1.0.15) by carandraug

image package: update INDEX

2011-09-21 11:48:08 Tree
[34f176] by carandraug

rgb2ycbcr.m: fix incorrect function name

2011-09-20 12:26:58 Tree
[253a4d] by carandraug

image package: bump version

2011-09-20 12:06:20 Tree
[32905e] by hauberg

Ensure we only consider thresholds within the min/max range of the image

2011-09-02 21:30:40 Tree
[0f8343] by goffioul

Use OCTAVE_LOCAL_BUFFER instead of dynamic array.

2011-08-30 22:39:23 Tree
[eab214] by carandraug

Updated FSF address

2011-06-24 17:35:07 Tree
[dd9a66] by hauberg

Add missing curly brackets to seealso macro call

2011-06-06 20:25:12 Tree
[e4fb17] by hauberg

Avoid integer overflow (from Alexander Sherikov)

2011-06-06 20:04:28 Tree
[d9b3c5] by carandraug

Optimized rgb2ycbcr function:
* removed for loops
* changed var names for english
* removed unecessary duplication of variables
* cleaned usage check
* improved documentation
* released under GPL3 or later

2011-06-01 13:13:08 Tree
[cc35e6] by carandraug

New rgb2ycbcr function by Santiago Reyes submitted on the mailing list

2011-06-01 13:09:02 Tree
[4778ab] by carandraug

Undoing some changes from 8235 which were committed by accident

2011-04-28 15:12:52 Tree
[f6cebe] by carandraug

Remove repeated function deriche (m file). There's already C version on the package

2011-04-28 14:58:09 Tree
[522960] by carandraug

Removed wrong test assertion

2011-04-25 20:04:11 Tree
[af2072] by carandraug

Added checks if image and SE have the same class

2011-04-14 00:49:06 Tree
[9eef30] by carandraug

For logical images, use filter2 as in the function erode by Josep Mones i Teixidor whic is much faster

2011-04-14 00:45:01 Tree
[8ec0b4] by carandraug

Moved copyright line to header of function

2011-04-14 00:42:36 Tree
[3318f6] by carandraug

Better test of function. Now makes sure that the output is same class as input

2011-04-14 00:11:41 Tree
[e0fc99] by carandraug

Bug fix where double precision would be returned when arguments were of logical class

2011-04-13 23:58:55 Tree
[439741] by carandraug

Added check if image and SE have the same class

2011-04-13 23:57:31 Tree
[0bc627] by carandraug

fixed test for non-symmetric SE

2011-04-13 22:40:10 Tree
[da8283] by thomas-weber

Fix failing tests due to Octave checking for the matrix type in assert()

2011-04-13 21:19:36 Tree
[298c64] (release-1.0.14) by hauberg

Bump version

2011-04-12 17:34:11 Tree
[d83e1b] by thomas-weber

Use STL min() instead of preprocessor's define

2011-03-15 19:02:12 Tree
[654b3f] by thomas-weber

Remove unused variables xMesh and yMesh from

2011-03-15 18:55:43 Tree
[1eb6a2] by carandraug

Remove texinfo note for MatLab compatibility since function now handles 2D data properly

2011-02-01 01:48:23 Tree
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