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[298c64] (release-1.0.14) by hauberg

Bump version

2011-04-12 17:34:11 Tree
[d83e1b] by thomas-weber

Use STL min() instead of preprocessor's define

2011-03-15 19:02:12 Tree
[654b3f] by thomas-weber

Remove unused variables xMesh and yMesh from

2011-03-15 18:55:43 Tree
[1eb6a2] by carandraug

Remove texinfo note for MatLab compatibility since function now handles 2D data properly

2011-02-01 01:48:23 Tree
[392ce1] by hauberg

Initialise J to contain zeros (and some formatting changes)

2010-12-27 15:48:45 Tree
[752791] by hauberg

Use proper short-circuit operator

2010-12-22 23:07:32 Tree
[4e610b] by hauberg

Fix texinfo issues

2010-12-22 23:06:31 Tree
[b59946] by hauberg

Remove libpng and libjpeg requirements

2010-12-22 23:04:09 Tree
[d13dba] by hauberg

New version of bwboundaries (from A Kelly)

2010-12-22 23:02:14 Tree
[fa2cb2] by hauberg

Make 'imresize' more compatible with more recent versions of Matlab

2010-11-30 17:22:36 Tree
[578e8a] by hauberg

Reverse rows and cols in call to __imboundary__

2010-10-20 20:56:29 Tree
[f3e55b] by hauberg

Handle 2D data properly

2010-10-20 20:07:43 Tree
[8b5847] by hauberg

Allow non-double images when using Fourier rotations

2010-10-18 10:49:30 Tree
[8e0846] by carandraug

Added note on help text about compatibility with MatLab

2010-08-25 18:01:43 Tree
[984130] by carandraug

Speed boost for imdilate function when using binary images (using code from dilate function)

2010-08-16 00:59:09 Tree
[1f41e9] by carandraug

Speed boost for imdilate function when using binary images (using code from dilate function)

2010-08-16 00:51:07 Tree
[e29d66] by carandraug

Bug fix in dilate when using non-symmetrical structuring elements

2010-08-16 00:40:01 Tree
[e6fcf4] by carandraug

Faster and easier bug fix for bug when using non-symmetrical SE. Only need to rotate the SE before the filtering

2010-08-13 15:59:54 Tree
[9acda5] by carandraug

Bug fix for imdilate for error when using non-symmetrical SE. It now calculates dilation by erosion of the image complement

2010-08-12 21:47:39 Tree
[9f1b5b] by carandraug

Bug fix where opening was not subtracted. Logical operation was done (suitable for binary images only and not grayscale).

Added new option where both opening and closing top-hat transforms can be made.

2010-08-12 00:14:02 Tree
[e5e2c1] by carandraug

Commenting code of mmgradm

2010-08-11 23:39:52 Tree
[414c16] by carandraug

Added new function for morphological operations (morphological gradient)

2010-08-11 23:25:11 Tree
[0e166f] by lxop

Fixed rho_filter

2010-05-27 10:54:18 Tree
[3061c4] (release-1.0.13) by hauberg

Bump version

2010-05-22 16:07:45 Tree
[df2bbe] by hauberg

Add 'tiff_tag_read'

2010-05-22 16:07:33 Tree
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