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[07d29c] (Octave-Forge-2006.01.28) by adb014

patch to allow 2.9.x autoload functionality to replace symbolic links

2006-01-07 05:12:00 Tree
[73d541] by pkienzle

Reorder tests so that shared variables are displayed unless relevant.

2006-01-03 02:09:15 Tree
[a03df7] by pkienzle

Reduce number of shared variables in tests

2006-01-02 22:05:06 Tree
[057d4e] by pkienzle

Reduce number of shared variables in tests

2006-01-02 20:53:42 Tree
[99d5b7] by pkienzle

Clean up copyright notices

2005-12-29 03:50:18 Tree
[ae9ea9] by adb014

some index updates

2005-12-17 21:32:39 Tree
[8fd616] by sjvdw

PNG headers want to include setjmp.h first. Order changed and C++ #ifdefs removed [with Orion Poplawski].

2005-11-22 11:42:02 Tree
[7127c7] by aadler

relicensed under GPL - got permission from P.Kiezle for his modifications

2005-11-07 20:28:28 Tree
[d756a7] by tpikonen

Add ImageMagick++ support to imread

2005-10-31 21:18:34 Tree
[8072e3] by tpikonen

Add ImageMagick++ support to imread

2005-10-31 15:20:27 Tree
[1da103] by sjvdw

Fix reading rectangular images.
Tell 'convert' to compress ppm files.
Remove temporary files when done.

2005-10-14 13:07:25 Tree
[443f7f] by pkienzle

Make more sensible tests; test alpha channel on png.

2005-10-14 02:38:55 Tree
[a99c30] by sjvdw

Correctly return alpha layer. Texinfo docstring.

2005-10-13 12:43:14 Tree
[ccfeb2] by pkienzle

Use new interface to png/jpg read

2005-10-12 15:05:58 Tree
[632cce] by pkienzle

Remove debug messages

2005-10-12 15:05:29 Tree
[bff4bb] by sjvdw

Handle change in identify's output format since ImageMagick 6.2.

2005-10-12 14:24:28 Tree
[f39ad4] by sjvdw

Update docstring to reflect new return format.

2005-10-05 14:16:08 Tree
[3b3464] by adb014

Some mingw fixes

2005-10-04 21:52:36 Tree
[b1ba33] by sjvdw

Changes to handle MxNx3 images of different numeric classes:

* imread.m: Return the appropriate numeric class. Colour images are of size MxNx3, gray images MxN.
Uses ImageMagick's "identify" to find the image type (b&w/grayscale/colour).

* Error handler modified to prevent segfaults. Colour images are returned as MxNx3
matrices, gray images as MxN. Conversion from colour to grey-level is not done anymore (rather use

* No segfault on loading invalid file types. Handle different depths correctly. Split
into pngread, pngwrite and pngcanvas. Return the appropriate numeric classes and matrix sizes.

* imread.m: Prefer jpgread and pngread to ImageMagick.

2005-09-10 16:07:47 Tree
[4aaa65] by pkienzle

[for Bill Denney] is_vector -> isvector

2005-09-08 03:19:12 Tree
[37907c] by pkienzle

[for Bill Denney] setstr -> char

2005-09-08 03:12:29 Tree
[19892a] by pkienzle

[for Bill Denney] isstr -> ischar

2005-09-08 02:00:18 Tree
[daff99] by aadler

format changes

2005-07-29 14:35:04 Tree
[031cbc] by aadler

Improve error messages and use pipes

2005-07-21 16:03:02 Tree
[193382] by sjvdw

Suppress unwanted output.

2005-07-12 14:23:00 Tree
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