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[8a25a8] by adb014

Update ignores

2004-08-08 14:14:01 Tree
[83bd1c] by pkienzle

compatibility function: return true if x is of a particular class

2004-08-08 03:49:55 Tree
[6621dc] by pkienzle

Force real roots to the nthroot of x, if they are available

2004-07-31 13:29:40 Tree
[bf3480] by adb014

Make building and installation of bitfcns optional on version 2.1.57 or less

2004-07-27 21:39:26 Tree
[039c4e] by adb014

Allow dist, distclean and clean targets to run without Makeconf. Replace include with sinclude in Makefiles. Build fixed and comm docs as part of dist target

2004-07-07 09:38:51 Tree
[82f1cf] by adb014

Missing second arg in ifftshift

2004-06-26 23:46:04 Tree
[f5c582] by mazet

Fix 'space bug'

2004-06-09 06:47:54 Tree
[7f0623] by pkienzle

[for Stefan van der Walt] remove ambiguous spaces from within [ ... ]

2004-05-24 11:34:03 Tree
[e8dafc] by pkienzle

[for David Bateman] NDArray support

2004-04-24 02:15:23 Tree
[0c4456] by pkienzle

[for David Bateman] texinfo documentation, NDArray support

2004-04-24 02:14:53 Tree
[84b13e] by adb014

get rid of debug message

2004-04-01 13:49:19 Tree
[e9d0dc] by adb014

NDArray updates for btand, etc

2004-04-01 13:43:25 Tree
[9a4016] by pkienzle

ind2sub/sub2ind are now part of octave

2004-02-12 06:40:20 Tree
[a0eda4] by pkienzle

Walter Gander's improved adaptive quadrature routine

2004-02-10 15:59:29 Tree
[4b0ac5] by qspencer

This change improves MATLAB compatibility. Previously, the "toascii" function
was called when the input was a string. However, this only worked correctly
for values under 128. Values between 128 and 256 were mapped to the range
below 128, destroying the information in the most significant bit. The
new implementation preserves this information, but it takes two operations
and is therefore slower.

2004-02-04 19:46:56 Tree
[00dfa6] by qspencer

Replaced "toascii(str)" with "toascii(in)".

2004-02-04 19:25:11 Tree
[61fd11] by aadler

double should return value if its not a string

2004-01-21 16:40:31 Tree
[49581f] by pkienzle

Fix up the tests which were breaking

2003-12-16 22:28:49 Tree
[41e3f2] by pkienzle

Distribute tests hardcoded in batch_test.m to their respective function
definition files

2003-12-12 22:05:39 Tree
[bd83cc] by kahacjde

Bug fix. It is triggerd in case of column-wise gradients and non-square matrices.
Thanks to Eric Hill Matlis for sending the bug report.

2003-09-14 08:16:32 Tree
[659f93] by adb014

Changes to allow use with latest CVS of octave (do_fortran_indexing, etc)

2003-09-12 14:22:42 Tree
[d8dc5c] by pkienzle

make *pchip an alias for pchip

2003-07-17 05:38:29 Tree
[5a2885] by pkienzle

Ignore build targets when doing cvs -q update -dP --- makes it easier to
notice that files have been added.

2003-06-01 19:36:34 Tree
[7f62bb] by pkienzle

correct handling of 5+ args (?)

2003-05-15 21:34:05 Tree
[8dc4df] by pkienzle

Extend the deal function to handle [a,b]=deal(b,a)
No change to the incompatible [a,b]=deal([1,2]) behaviour.

2003-03-31 20:28:10 Tree
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