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general Log

Commit Date  
[6e63bf] by pkienzle

Fix doc strings in preparation for automated index building.

2002-03-26 03:16:45 Tree
[530b3d] by pkienzle

Makefiles more consistent; accept optional "install" target in tertiary makes

2002-03-18 07:43:33 Tree
[1ff745] by aadler

bug with function prototypes

2002-03-17 18:23:57 Tree
[95caeb] by aadler

added support for matrix interpolation

2002-03-17 05:26:52 Tree
[310be4] by aadler

SHA1 secure hash function

2002-03-17 02:39:44 Tree
[f88637] by pkienzle

function for dereferencing cell arrays in unpatched octave

2002-02-01 19:35:26 Tree
[ba1f75] by alnd

Cosmetic changes in the comment section for 'Copyright' and/or 'Author'
lines to enable parsing by the admin/get_authors script and automatic
generation of the AUTHORS file. No changes to executable code!

2002-01-31 06:11:53 Tree
[82565e] by pkienzle

fixed extrapolation

2002-01-23 18:56:30 Tree
[df7b3f] by pkienzle

Changes required to compile for gcc-3.0 in debian hppa/unstable

2002-01-04 15:53:57 Tree
[4c5880] by pkienzle

by Rolf Fabian: Don't use transpose for complex conjugate transpose!!!

2001-12-03 18:35:22 Tree
[0b1f2a] by pkienzle

need all: as first rule so everything will be built

2001-11-07 15:02:21 Tree
[67a5bd] by pkienzle

Initial revision

2001-10-10 19:54:49 Tree