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--- a/src/assemble_system.cc
+++ b/src/assemble_system.cc
@@ -21,25 +21,22 @@
 DEFUN_DLD (assemble_system, args, nargout,
 "-*- texinfo -*-\n\
 @deftypefn {Function File} {[@var{A}], [@var{b}], [@var{x}(Optional)]} = \
-assemble_system (@var{form a}, @var{form L}, @var{DirichletBC}(Optional), \
-                 @var{...}) \n\
+assemble_system (@var{form_a}, @var{form_L}, @var{DirichletBC})\n\
+Construct the discretization of a system and apply essential BC.\n\
 The input arguments are\n\
 @itemize @bullet\n\
-@item @var{form a} the bilinear form to assemble.\n\
-@item @var{form a} the linear form to assemble.\n\
-@item @var{DirichletBC} represents the optional BC that you wish to apply to\n\
-the system. If more than one BC has to be applied, just list them.\n\
+@item @var{form_a} which is the BilinearForm to assemble.\n\
+@item @var{form_L} which is the LinearForm to assemble.\n\
+@item @var{DirichletBC} represents the optional BC applied to \
+the system. \n\
 @end itemize \n\
-The output @var{A} is a discretized representation of the system:\n\
-@itemize @bullet\n\
-@item @var{A} is the sparse Matrix corresponding to the @var{form a}\n\
-@item @var{A} is the Vector corresponding to the @var{form L}\n\
-@end itemize \n\
-If you need to apply boundary condition to a system for a nonlinear problem \n\
-then you should provide as 3rd argument the vector and you will receive it \n\
-back as the third output argument.\n\
-For an example of this situation, you can look the example HyperElasticity.m\n\
-@seealso{BilinearForm, LinearForm, ResidualForm, JacobianForm}\n\
+The output @var{A} is a matrix representing the @var{form_a} while \
+@var{b} represents @var{form_L}. \n\
+If boundary conditions have to be applied to a vector for a nonlinear problem \
+then it should be provide as 3rd argument and it will be given back \
+as the 3rd output argument. For an example of this situation, please refer \
+to the HyperElasticity example. \n\
+@seealso{BilinearForm, LinearForm, ResidualForm, JacobianForm, Functional}\n\
 @end deftypefn")
   int nargin = args.length ();

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