--- a/src/DirichletBC.cc
+++ b/src/DirichletBC.cc
@@ -32,7 +32,7 @@
 @item @var{Function_handle} is a function handle which contains the expression \
 that we want to apply as a BC. If we have a Vector field, we can just use a\n\
 vector of function handles: \
-@var{Function handle} = [@(x, y) f1, @(x, y) f2, ...]\n\
+@var{Function handle} = ['''@'''(x, y) f1, '''@'''(x, y) f2, ...]\n\
 @item @var{Boundary_Label} is an Array which contains the label(s) of the \
 side(s) where the BC has to be applied.\n\
 @end itemize\n\