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+\par  Function File: [\textit{J}] \textbf{=}\textit{ Functional }(\textit{my\_problem, U, V, coefficient\_1, coefficient\_2,...})\textit{}\\
+        \par Construct a JacobianForm previously imported from a ufl file with the
+ function import\_ufl\_BilinearForm.
+        \par The compulsory arguments are:
+          \begin{itemize}
+ \item \textit{my\_problem} the name of the problem to solve. 
+ \item the FunctionSpace \textit{U} and \textit{V} where the problem is defined. 
+ \end{itemize}
+        \par The optional arguments are the \textit{coefficient\_1}, \textit{coefficient\_2}
+ which specify the parameters for the JacobianForm with the same name which
+ was used in the ufl file. 
+ They can be either a Constant, a Function or an Expression.
+     \par \textbf{See also:} import\_ufl\_BilinearForm, LinearForm, ResidualForm, BilinearForm.
+        \end{quotation}