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+% This file was converted from HTML to LaTeX with
+% gnuhtml2latex program
+% (c) Tomasz Wegrzanowski <maniek@beer.com> 1999
+% (c) Gunnar Wolf <gwolf@gwolf.org> 2005-2010
+% Version : 0.4.
+\par  Function File: [\textit{func}] \textbf{=}\textit{ Function }(\textit{name, FunctionSpace }(\textit{or Function})\textit{,Vector }(\textit{or index}))\textit{}\\
+\begin{quotation}\par Initialize an object with the values specified in a vector or extracting a component from a vectorial field. 
+This function can be used in two different ways
+          \begin{itemize}
+\item To create a function from a vector. In this case, the arguments are:
+               \begin{itemize}
+\item \textit{name} is a string representing the name of the function
+\item \textit{FunctionSpace} is the fem-fenics function space where the vector is defined
+\item \textit{Vector} specifies the values of the coefficientsfor each basisc function of the \textit{FunctioSpace}
+          \item To extract a scalar field from a vectorial one
+               \begin{itemize}
+\item \textit{name} is a string representing the name of the function
+\item \textit{Function} is the vector valued Function
+\item \textit{Index} contains the index of the scalar field to extract.Index starts from 1. 
+          \end{itemize}
+        The output \textit{func} is an object which contains a representation of the function \textit{Vector} which can be plotted or saved or passed as argument for a variational problem.
+     \par \textbf{See also:} Constant, Expression, plot, save.
+        \end{quotation}

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