econometrics Log

Commit Date  
[97b969] by mcreel

Fix up documentation string

2007-01-31 09:24:01 Tree
[f880ac] by adb014

Add Autoload field to DESCRIPTION of main/ packages

2007-01-30 22:23:44 Tree
[a47f99] by adb014

INDEX new functions

2007-01-30 20:32:28 Tree
[4eb94b] by mcreel

initial commit of functions for nonparametric smoothing. Includes kernel regression and density. Can make use of MPITB for parallel computing if it's available.

2007-01-24 10:55:54 Tree
[76ce22] by mcreel

minor cleanup

2007-01-24 10:51:22 Tree
[85343a] by hauberg

Removed unvalid characters from all GPL licenses in the packages

2006-10-14 17:39:35 Tree
[e42911] by adb014

more INDEX fixes

2006-10-06 20:50:55 Tree
[cbfa1e] by hauberg

Fixed various INDEX files

2006-10-03 12:56:03 Tree
[0a5d2c] by adb014

Latest mega package manager update

2006-10-02 19:47:38 Tree
[6f1eec] by adb014

Simplify package Makefiles, package all default package files, and remove the redundant Makefiles

2006-09-10 21:18:55 Tree
[7235c4] by adb014

More package manager stuff

2006-08-28 20:06:51 Tree
[c64797] by adb014

toplevel makefile to allow docs to be included in package

2006-08-23 23:42:26 Tree
[afe5a1] by hauberg

Altered the directory structure to match the package system

2006-08-20 12:18:19 Tree
[8e1f3a] by mcreel

another fix due to old interface change

2006-07-10 07:59:37 Tree
[323900] by mcreel

Example for nonlinear least squares estimation

2006-06-13 13:25:13 Tree
[78d9a4] by mcreel

bug in return

2006-05-23 14:52:04 Tree
[7db4cf] by mcreel

improve help string

2006-04-24 08:13:08 Tree
[998f35] by mcreel

bug related to ancient interface change

2006-04-07 12:29:14 Tree
[ce122f] by adb014

Index updates

2005-12-21 21:00:47 Tree
[9e1306] by mcreel

*** empty log message ***

2005-11-23 08:59:56 Tree
[81cb4d] by mcreel

minor improvements

2005-09-28 07:12:50 Tree
[757858] by pkienzle

[for Bill Denney] isstr -> ischar

2005-09-08 02:00:18 Tree
[1d5f73] by mcreel

cleanups and documentation

2005-05-30 15:16:12 Tree
[ab826e] by pkienzle

Consistent author/copyright notice

2005-05-25 13:04:33 Tree
[0e3aae] by mcreel

update to allow parallel if available, add nls

2005-05-13 10:31:31 Tree
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