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[72fbd6] by cdemills

- added a 'sep' argument for the elements separator
- when splitting into lines, do a second pass to remove "\n"
- use strsplit instead of a regexp, to permit empty fields
- empty fields must not be stored in x
- remove empty lines and column before further processing

2010-09-30 10:11:30 Tree
[45bf11] by cdemills

Added two test cases to detect invalid (:) accesses

2010-09-14 07:23:09 Tree
[608a19] by cdemills

Added a test to ensure that selecting incompatible columns fails

2010-09-13 19:32:31 Tree
[a63d49] by cdemills

Full support for df{} subsref

2010-09-13 10:33:45 Tree
[6c7332] by cdemills

Added the ability to return a dataframe as a cell array, without header

2010-09-10 16:55:30 Tree
[f29ed8] by cdemills

Prepared for a new release

2010-09-02 10:28:28 Tree
[0a83c4] by cdemills

sub-referencing df.type should use () instead of {}

2010-09-02 10:17:56 Tree
[37febc] by cdemills

Fixed setting df.types through numeric value

2010-09-02 09:13:18 Tree
[55c235] by cdemills

Output type and format modifiers must occur as the first elements in dereferencing

2010-09-02 08:50:49 Tree
[ce368d] by cdemills

The cat in subsref must occur unconditionally

2010-09-01 14:28:19 Tree
[0cbe54] by cdemills

Removed workaround around bug 30921, fixed in 3.3.52+ by hg changeset 10937

2010-09-01 14:19:45 Tree
[f50c1f] by cdemills

Made numel() just call builtin 'numel', to make it more consistent with MatLab doc

2010-09-01 13:41:43 Tree
[1739cf] by cdemills

Fixed assignment of a single row from a column vector

2010-09-01 10:30:46 Tree
[73a10a] by cdemills

When pre-filling rownames, also set ridx, as it won't be updated in the rest of the code (no df_pad call)

2010-09-01 09:22:52 Tree
[d6ce4b] by cdemills

Made x = dataframe(randn(3, 3)) work

2010-08-31 17:05:04 Tree
[0e9461] by cdemills

- avoid catting empty structure

2010-08-31 16:40:24 Tree
[139b20] by cdemills

- forgot a ';', which caused a lot of troubles

2010-08-31 15:09:42 Tree
[fa3487] by cdemills

- commented code

2010-08-30 14:07:36 Tree
[e6a2cb] by cdemills

- to append a column to a dataframe, use the syntax {{'Name', Content}}

2010-08-30 08:13:17 Tree
[01b5b0] by cdemills

When RHS is a cell, give it precedence for determining target size

2010-08-28 10:01:43 Tree
[b6e690] by cdemills

Prepared for a new release

2010-08-26 10:08:08 Tree
[4cf360] by cdemills

- there was a bug in dataframe.m, where the sign bit was
ignored. Adapted the test subsequently.

2010-08-25 09:44:57 Tree
[616a01] by cdemills

- the regexp to split fields rejected numerical signs and decimal
part delimiter

2010-08-25 09:39:17 Tree
[5f679b] by cdemills

- added another test for the 'end' operator

2010-08-24 13:29:18 Tree
[f83f95] by cdemills

- when using the third dimension, returns the maximum number of sheet

2010-08-24 13:27:42 Tree
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