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[6a5b16] by cdf

added INDEX

2010-11-09 21:27:59 Tree
[19183a] by cdf


2010-10-29 14:44:53 Tree
[c9abe5] by cdemills

Bumped revision number to 0.8

2010-10-29 08:20:51 Tree
[846c21] by cdemills

Implemented the dotted basic matrix-like ops on DF

2010-10-29 08:19:14 Tree
[aeff94] by cdemills

Implemented the basic matrix-like ops on DF

2010-10-29 07:14:29 Tree
[ca83d1] by cdemills

Various fixes and improvment

2010-10-28 17:08:27 Tree
[889f3e] by cdemills

Removed another for loop

2010-10-28 14:39:05 Tree
[1222c3] by cdemills

Fixed problem with changing all the types at once; remove some for loops

2010-10-28 09:51:43 Tree
[947435] by cdemills

Added a test for modifying all types at once

2010-10-28 09:50:26 Tree
[49b0d9] by cdemills

When exporting cells and there are many sheets, concatenate all elems

2010-10-28 07:36:26 Tree
[6787d2] by cdemills

When filling one element at a time, ensure the result is in a column vector

2010-10-28 07:35:00 Tree
[8d17e1] by cdemills

x.OK? is not valid as structure access

2010-10-27 09:34:34 Tree
[20b750] by cdemills

When accessing as s a structure, perform exact name matching; when accessing internal fields and many columns, horzcat them

2010-10-27 09:15:13 Tree
[afb88d] by cdemills

When _name{1} is empty, so is _over{1}

2010-10-27 08:47:02 Tree
[c11f73] by cdemills

Add the ability to pre-fill the DF colnames, then introduce data

2010-10-27 08:42:43 Tree
[2f6266] by cdemills

Avoids iterating on non-existing columns

2010-10-27 08:38:04 Tree
[3acf7a] by cdemills

Better take into account the fact that columns name were pre-filled

2010-10-27 08:34:46 Tree
[4304f1] by cdemills

Added the ability to specify an empty input and colnames, to pre-dimension the dataframe

2010-10-26 15:02:08 Tree
[67352c] by cdemills

Added <TAB> as default delimiter; skip lines whose first non-blank char is #

2010-10-26 13:56:12 Tree
[ef3f78] by cdemills

- make sure there is no mismatch between LHS and RHS rows

2010-10-01 13:27:35 Tree
[81580f] by cdemills

- now accept cells with empty content
- when the first column looks like an index, verify that each entry
is unique

2010-10-01 09:52:56 Tree
[ec1ee5] by cdemills

- leading space(s) are now removed directly inside the regexp used
to remove quotes

2010-10-01 07:09:03 Tree
[e477a1] by cdemills

- only perform a switch() on varargin entries which are char

2010-09-30 14:47:00 Tree
[559e88] by cdemills

- tried to solve once (and for a long time) this stupid problems of
EOL conventions

2010-09-30 14:37:04 Tree
[522275] by cdemills

- re-added the stripping of fields initial spaces, which was
de-activated by the switch from regexp -> strsplit

2010-09-30 11:01:54 Tree
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