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[2f5b19] by cdemills

made bsxfun simpler: extract slices and apply internal bsxfun on them

2011-01-17 19:57:02 Tree
[dbcb37] by cdemills

WIP -- trying to get bsxfun working

2011-01-17 15:27:46 Tree
[5597b7] by cdemills

Added two tests for bsxfun

2011-01-12 16:17:45 Tree
[324d1e] by cdemills

Removed some bugs, and added bsxfun in anticipation of Octave 3.4

2011-01-12 16:16:31 Tree
[7cda8e] by cdemills

Initial version

2011-01-12 14:49:26 Tree
[d51815] by cdemills

output_type is first an array of basic objects, so must must use its class, not its value

2011-01-12 10:09:31 Tree
[be59f8] by cdemills

Removed overloaded numel.m. For an object, it should always be 1, use default behaviour

2011-01-12 09:49:09 Tree
[0b5bcd] by cdemills

An object should have a numel of 1. Always.

2011-01-12 09:42:31 Tree
[a082de] by cdemills

Added a new() operator, which can also works recursivelly

2010-12-23 15:27:50 Tree
[97e4bc] by cdemills

Avoid accessing ridx when it is empty

2010-12-14 18:03:34 Tree
[7f04a6] by cdemills

permute.m: do not generate new row names when not required; ensure size(_ridx, 1) is at least _cnt(1)

2010-12-14 09:38:25 Tree
[af2240] by cdemills

Fixed a few oddities occurring when the target structure is empty

2010-12-13 22:17:59 Tree
[6528c2] by cdemills

Add the target name of assignment in display(); make comments a cellstr in dataframe

2010-12-13 17:13:29 Tree
[aa0aac] by cdemills

isnumeric: new overloaded function

2010-12-10 16:00:16 Tree
[090fc0] by cdemills

dataframe.m now calls directly df_matassign, which was extracted from subsasgn. This way, empty assignements are handled the right way, i.e. without modifying the df

2010-12-10 14:16:57 Tree
[bba416] by cdemills

When using dynamic allocation, access _over{2} as a vector

2010-12-10 10:01:02 Tree
[2e5728] by cdemills

Fixes: dealing with chars > 127; sanitising row and colnames; ability to add dynamically columns like fields in structures

2010-12-09 20:47:20 Tree
[479c60] by cdemills

The index conversion was not correct

2010-12-09 08:50:57 Tree
[b42674] by cdemills

In case of a single multi-dimensional index and dataframe output, try to iterate on columns if possible

2010-12-09 08:46:00 Tree
[63d9c2] by cdemills

Don't adjust empty index

2010-12-08 22:26:24 Tree
[40ba96] by cdemills

Implemented the right logic when selecting a dataframe with a matrix/dataframe

2010-12-08 22:13:49 Tree
[893343] by cdemills


2010-12-08 17:45:30 Tree
[421348] by cdemills

Accept a matrix as index; only display an error message about names when searching for names

2010-12-08 17:08:30 Tree
[d31a90] by cdemills

Ensure inds is a row vector

2010-12-08 17:07:35 Tree
[da0974] by cdemills

Implemented the permute() operation

2010-12-08 14:49:12 Tree
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