data-smoothing Log

Commit Date  
[e0e79e] by carandraug

data-smoothing: bump version

2011-10-06 21:37:42 Tree
[c5f530] by carandraug

rgdtsmcore: returned back to element-wise from logical operator (reverted part of rev 8686)

2011-10-06 21:34:48 Tree
[b5c000] by carandraug

* small fixes on help text
* use of a short-circuit operator in rgdtsmcore
* some code prettifier
* removed copy of var in rgdtsmcorewrap

2011-10-06 00:53:41 Tree
[730722] by carandraug

data smoothing: fix indentation (tabs replaced by spaces)

2011-10-03 17:49:39 Tree
[eb0e6b] by carandraug

data-smoothing: e-mail address to copyright notices

2011-10-02 21:23:49 Tree
[3b59b4] by schloegl

simplify expressions and fix typos

2010-06-16 20:11:25 Tree
[fa1df7] by jjstickel

updates for octave-3.2 compatibility and version bump

2009-11-16 18:09:28 Tree
[b61261] by jjstickel

update regdatasmooth to use fminunc as provided in octave-3.2.x

2009-07-30 19:03:02 Tree
[b54f00] by jjstickel

updated the version number in the description file for the data-smoothing package

2009-04-28 20:44:25 Tree
[6020fc] by jjstickel

updates to the input/output options for some of the data-smoothing functions

2009-04-28 20:38:47 Tree
[ed273d] by jjstickel

updates to regularization data smoothing functions and DESCRIPTION file

2009-02-25 21:03:40 Tree
[96593a] by hauberg

Update version number

2008-08-31 17:53:57 Tree
[6b8c00] by hauberg

fix syntax error

2008-08-24 18:13:41 Tree
[e9be3c] by jjstickel

rewritten regularization smoothing functions

2008-08-21 14:24:03 Tree
[9d41c9] by jjstickel

rewritten regularization smoothing functions

2008-08-21 14:20:36 Tree
[de8fbf] by jjstickel

format help text as texinfo

2008-04-30 14:19:09 Tree
[c3f4d6] by hauberg

Updated release dates

2008-04-29 17:52:26 Tree
[77d7c2] by jjstickel

import data-smoothing package

2008-04-02 14:04:01 Tree