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communications Log

Commit Date  
[30be18] by adb014

Update version numbers of changed packages

2007-05-17 19:16:06 Tree
[efcf6c] by adb014

Add LZ77 coding for Gorka Lertxundi Osa

2007-04-24 08:20:19 Tree
[3e072f] by adb014

FSF address update

2007-03-23 20:59:58 Tree
[fa3927] by adb014

FSF Address update

2007-03-23 20:31:14 Tree
[1b2cd8] by adb014


2007-03-23 20:25:12 Tree
[9385d0] by adb014

Update the FSF address

2007-03-23 16:14:46 Tree
[3ea0c3] by adb014

Copyright fix so get_authors works correctly

2007-03-21 23:58:58 Tree
[e856e8] by adb014

Fix for changes to builtin variables like automatic_replot and warnings like warn_fortran_indexing

2007-03-21 22:11:10 Tree
[9e2ddd] by adb014

Remove problematic install code

2007-03-20 23:20:56 Tree
[f94d18] by adb014

Remove problematic install code

2007-03-20 22:55:39 Tree
[c58174] by adb014

Ensure that configure script is executable

2007-03-20 22:17:58 Tree
[9767a2] by adb014

Conditional build of configure file

2007-03-07 20:20:50 Tree
[bc18bf] by adb014

Don't use which in autoload, but a command that identifies a function that coexists with the PKG_ADD file in which the autoload is found

2007-03-05 13:19:29 Tree
[f93e5c] by adb014

Silence build code

2007-03-04 21:14:10 Tree
[345319] by adb014

Add explicit taret for sub-directories of packages

2007-03-04 20:46:38 Tree
[efb44a] by adb014

double-colon in pattern match rule is a termination, so remove pattern match from pre-pkg and post-pkg rules

2007-03-02 21:00:57 Tree
[e86b9d] by adb014

Typos in documentation

2007-02-24 23:40:46 Tree
[1bbef9] by adb014


2007-02-02 22:01:40 Tree
[d3248f] by adb014

Add Autoload field to DESCRIPTION of main/ packages

2007-01-30 22:23:44 Tree
[f647d3] by adb014

Remove and incorporate in Makeconf.base. Update Makefiles accordingly. Use cvs2cl to create ChangeLog files for all of the packages if a ChangeLog file doesn't exist. Package build machine must therefore have access to the CVS

2007-01-27 16:32:22 Tree
[e224c9] by goffioul

Reverse previous changes due to my misunderstanding of OCTAVE_LOCAL_BUFFER

2007-01-17 09:29:14 Tree
[6612c9] by goffioul

Re-enable "make install"

2007-01-15 19:31:37 Tree
[d99572] by goffioul

use OCTAVE_LOCAL_BUFFER instead of variable-size arrays + Vstruct_levels_to_print is part of pr-output.h

2007-01-15 19:30:43 Tree
[bc0475] by gnumuthu

Fixing copyright statement as David requested.

2006-12-06 14:46:18 Tree
[f18089] by adb014

Get rid of redundant build code. Fixes build issue on Solaris

2006-10-25 03:54:56 Tree
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