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[0848e1] by carandraug

communications: added NEWS file

2011-12-07 19:46:23 Tree
[83aeb0] by carandraug

* almost complete rewrite of huffmandeco by Ferran Mesas <> to use binary tree instead of a brute-force O(n^3) or O(n^4)
* improved help text
* more test cases for huffmandeco
* better input checking and default setting
* updated licenses to GPLv3+

2011-12-07 18:07:57 Tree
[0dd321] by gnumuthu

r4091 first commit of Reed Muller decoder is the correct version; the 10x improvement introduced some bugs. Reverting to the original version here

2011-11-07 19:29:58 Tree
[d78563] by carandraug

remove deprecated function replot

2011-11-03 01:41:09 Tree
[fd68ee] by carandraug

removal of deprecated functions: loadimage, spdiag, split, clearplot, diag, weibull_cdf, clg

2011-11-03 01:27:47 Tree
[56864b] by carandraug

communications: update date and version for new release

2011-10-09 22:42:42 Tree
[75c747] by carandraug

main packages DESCRIPTION: added e-mail address of maintainers and contributors

2011-09-27 12:34:58 Tree
[8da5ab] by goffioul

Add support for HDF5 1.8 API.

2011-08-30 22:17:25 Tree
[00cb13] by carandraug

Updated FSF address

2011-06-24 17:35:07 Tree
[906237] by adb014

Allow nargout == 0 for galois field functions

2011-05-30 22:15:23 Tree
[fd0249] by adb014

Texinfo typo in previous commit

2011-05-23 21:09:31 Tree
[37653d] by adb014

Some doc updates of the communication package for Octave 3.4

2011-05-23 21:04:47 Tree
[e9d924] by adb014

yet more updates of the communication package for Octave 3.4

2011-05-23 20:56:18 Tree
[3d4cbf] by adb014

More updates for the communications package for 3.4

2011-05-22 19:32:41 Tree
[6d52f5] by adb014

Update galois field C++ code in the communications package for Octave 3.4

2011-05-20 22:48:58 Tree
[1abfcf] by thomas-weber

Remove obsoleted mark_as_command from all packages.

Bump dependency on Octave to 3.2, where mark_as_command was used.

2011-02-24 11:53:21 Tree
[a90f99] by thomas-weber

Fix typo in help text

2011-02-21 21:32:05 Tree
[a351cd] by thomas-weber

Add dependency on the image package.

marcumq.m uses the padarray() function from the image package.

2011-02-21 20:58:07 Tree
[1944b8] by mborg

new interleavers

2010-06-01 02:37:48 Tree
[02d0ad] by gnumuthu

find the maximum sequence possible with the PRBS configuration and initial shift-register state

2010-02-23 07:16:48 Tree
[9c1035] by hauberg

Make qaskenco and qaskdeco handle NDArrays. Add tests (from David Bateman)

2009-07-20 20:39:23 Tree
[a04e91] by hauberg

Better error handling (from Christian Neumair)

2009-07-18 21:01:59 Tree
[67d963] by hauberg

Remove unneeded 'exit'

2009-07-18 20:53:19 Tree
[0bcc64] by hauberg

Handle multi-dim arrays, and preallocate output

2009-07-18 20:45:15 Tree
[05a111] by hauberg

Change 'my_qammod' into 'qammod'

2009-06-21 15:07:05 Tree
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