audio Log

Commit Date  
[41838f] by adb014

Start converting hep to texinfo, with aim of converting all help in this fashion

2003-05-17 12:43:13 Tree
[c82d3f] by pkienzle

Don't build aucapture on non-linux systems

2002-11-21 06:57:58 Tree
[1e88af] by pkienzle

Support for floating point wave formats.

2002-09-16 13:04:46 Tree
[5764a1] by pkienzle

Use ssh rather than rsh for remote playback

2002-04-29 13:56:02 Tree
[495fd4] by pkienzle

Split main.idx into individual subdirectories to make it more manageable

2002-04-09 20:49:44 Tree
[4485e1] by bensapp

It looked like an "au" was accidently removed. So, it did not compile.

2002-03-18 22:45:44 Tree
[5555b4] by pkienzle

Makefiles more consistent; accept optional "install" target in tertiary makes

2002-03-18 07:43:33 Tree
[3c9bba] by pkienzle

Changes required to compile for gcc-3.0 in debian hppa/unstable

2002-01-04 15:53:57 Tree
[515038] by pkienzle

Use closed interval [-1,1] rather than open interval [-1,1) internally

2001-12-11 20:26:05 Tree
[fce851] by pkienzle

Use 'binary' mode when opening files for reading/writing on Windows

2001-12-07 15:48:01 Tree
[b8d5db] by pkienzle

man page for aurecord, in case anyone wants to use it outside of octave

2001-10-31 21:39:43 Tree
[3e008f] by pkienzle

Don't rely on default for lin2mu

2001-10-29 15:27:53 Tree
[711d2e] by pkienzle

Initial revision

2001-10-10 19:54:49 Tree

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