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SourceForge Community Award, vote for OCS Inventory NG!

Hi folks.

We are proud to announce that OCS Inventory NG is finalist for the SourceForge Community Award in category "Best tool or utility for sysadmins".

Please take a couple of seconds to vote on https://sourceforge.net/community/cca09/vote/.

Thank you all and we hope to see you maybe on 23rd july at San Jose for the ceremony !

Posted by Didier LIROULET 2009-06-23

OCS Inventory NG 1.02.1 with critical security fixes

Dear Ladies and Gentlemen,

We've just released version 1.02.1 of OCS
Inventory NG.

This release fixes 2 critical vulnerabilities in Administration console (thanks Nico Leidecker), and some other minor fixes. See ChangeLog for more informations.

Mac OS X Installation Builder is also updated to be compatible with latest Mac OS X 10.5.7 updates.

We've also finally published OCS Inventory NG Server 1.02.1 for Windows.... read more

Posted by Didier LIROULET 2009-05-30

OCS Inventory NG 1.02 final release published


After a long time, we're pleased to announe availability of OCS Inventory NG 1.02 final release !

Here is a list of major changes:

OCS Inventory NG Server:

* Remove all short open tag in Administration console
* Fix MySQL STRICT MODE compatibility
* Local import accept .xml inventory too
* Fix bug with redistribution servers
* Cleanup non printable char from XML stream
* Console display computer type in BIOS (Tower, Mini tower, laptop...)
* Option FLOOD_IP_CACHE_TIME was managed in minutes. Switch it to seconds.
* Rename Apache/binutils/ocsinventory-local.pl to Apache/binutils/ocsinventory-injector.pl
* Fix numerous security holes and bugs... read more

Posted by Didier LIROULET 2009-04-19

The first ocs meeting.

The first ocs meeting will take place in Nantes on 6th March, 2009.
Details : http://www.ocsinventory-ng.org/index.php?mact=News,cntnt01,detail,0&cntnt01articleid=126&cntnt01returnid=15

Les premières rencontres ocs auront lieu à Nantes le 6 mars 2009.
Tous les détails: http://www.ocsinventory-ng.org/index.php?mact=News,cntnt01,detail,0&cntnt01articleid=127&cntnt01returnid=57... read more

Posted by Emmanuel GUILLORY 2009-01-30

OCS Inventory NG Server: Patch 1 for 1.02 RC3 available

OCS Inventory NG, Open Computers and Software Inventory Next Generation is an application designed to help administrator keep track of the computers configuration and installed software. Low network traffic HTTP communications between agents and server.

Bugs fixed by patch 1 for OCS Inventory NG Server 1.02 RC3

In the database creation/update process launched through Administration
Console (install.php), défault settings for cache and download directories
are missing.... read more

Posted by Didier LIROULET 2008-10-28

OCS Inventory NG 1.02 RC3 available !

This is the last release candidate version before final 1.02 version. Here is a list of major enhancements:

OCS Inventory NG Server
* New home page showing usefull summary, also available when you click on OCS icon on left page header.
* Fix bug using ' character
* Fix dynamic group handling
* Better distribution servers handling
* Local user (with view limited to a particular TAG) may subscribe computers to a static group
* New software display page
* HDD and memory serials handling, for Solaris and MacOS
* Better IE support
* Remove PHP short_open_tag dependancy
* Numerous bug fixes... read more

Posted by Didier LIROULET 2008-10-10

OCS Inventory NG 1.02 RC2 available !

This release includes new Unix Unified Agent and a new tool to remotely deploy Agent on Windows and Linux/Unix computers. Here is a list of major enhancements:

[NEW] Unix Unified Agent
* New agent running on Linux, *BSD, IBM AIX and Sun Solaris
* Available as a perl CPAN package
* Available as standard binary package for DEB and RPM based Linux

[NEW] Agent Deployment Tool
* Allow to remotely deploy Windows Agent using standard administrative tasks
* Allow to remotely deploy Unix Agent using SSH... read more

Posted by Didier LIROULET 2008-05-01

OCS Inventory NG 1.02 RC1 available !

After a long, long time, OCS Inventory NG 1.02 RC1 (2008/03/05) is available for download.

At this time, only Server for Unix/Linux and Windows Agent are published. Server for Windows and Agent for Unix (based on the new Unified Unix Agent) will be published before end of marsh.

Here is a list of main enhancement:
* [Console] Package assignment by text file
* [Console] Per machine (CheckBox) suppress/frequency and package assignment
* [Console] Groups of computers support
* [Console] User rights restriction on TAG
* [Console] Packages filter and sort by categories
* [Console] Serial / MAC blacklists management
* [Console] PROLOG_FREQ personalization
* [GENERAL] PROLOG_FREQ personalization
* [GENERAL] Deployment configuration personalization
* [GENERAL] Dynamics and statics groups of computers
* [SERVER CORE] Multiples servers and dynamic deployment server assignment
* [SERVER CORE] regexp trusted machines support
* [SERVER CORE] Gzip support
* [SERVER CORE] PROLOG=>INVENTORY session option, to accept an inventory request only if prolog was previously sent
* [SERVER CORE] Rules for mailing DIFF - Depends on Tag right support for users => multi entity
* [WIN32][INVENTORY] Better multiple IP per adapter support
* [AGENTS] Event-driven Inventory
* [AGENTS] On lan connect Inventory (IP address change detected)... read more

Posted by Didier LIROULET 2008-03-05

OCS Inventory NG 1.02 est prévu pour la fin février 2008

Toutes les fonctionnalités prévues (voir la Roadmap) sont maintenant implémentées et testées par l'équipe OCS.
Les améliorations les plus importantes sont:

* La gestion de groupes d'ordinateurs dynamiques et statiques
* La notion de serveurs de redistribution
* Attribution de taches par fichier texte
* Inventaire sur connexion au réseau
* Atribution de droits en fonction du TAG
* Edition des fichiers de langue
* Un tout nouvel agent unifié compatible avec MAC OS X, BSD, AIX, LINUX ...... read more

Posted by Emmanuel GUILLORY 2008-02-01

OCS Inventory NG 1.02 planned end of february 2008

OCS Inventory NG 1.02 planned end of february 2008

All planned features (see Roadmap) are now ready and are tested by OCS Team.
The most importants features are:

* Dynamics and statics groups of computers
* Redistribution servers
* Package assignment by text file
* On lan connect Inventory
* User rights restriction on TAG
* Localization file editing
* A brand new unified agent compatible with MAC OS X, BSD, AIX, LINUX... ... read more

Posted by Emmanuel GUILLORY 2008-02-01

New web site address and new forums !

OCS Inventory NG is now accessible through address http://www.ocsinventory-ng.org. We also activated new forums at address http://forums.ocsinventory-ng.org.

New web site is faster then the old one hosted at SourceForge.

New forums are more easy to use and flexible than the old SourceForge ones. Unfortunately, we are unable to import old SourceForge forums content into these forums. We apologize on this.... read more

Posted by Didier LIROULET 2007-04-26

Windows Agent for OCS Inventory NG 1.01 released !

We advice users against using first version of Windows Agent 1.01 and we ask them to download the now available

Because of some special behavior of first 1.01 Windows Agent version, we conclude that this version was provided with a Release Candidate module.
This module may cause some issues with the software deployment subsystem event notification and with agent upgrade on 2003 and 98.... read more

Posted by Didier LIROULET 2007-02-27

OCS Inventory NG 1.01 released !

OCS Inventory NG 1.01 only fix bugs detected in 1.0 final, and include an improved deployment statistics page.

Here is the list of major changes:

OCS Inventory NG Server for Linux version 4100.

* Improved deployement statistics web page.
* All bugs fixed.

OCS Inventory NG Server for Windows version 4100.

* Improved deployement statistics web page.
* All bugs fixed.

OCS Inventory NG Agent for Windows, internal version 4031.... read more

Posted by Didier LIROULET 2007-02-22

OCS-NG and GLPI at Solutions Linux 2007

Come and meet OCS Inventory NG and GLPI development members during the Solutions Linux 2006 at CNIT, Paris la Défense, 30 - 31 january and 1st february 2007.
Venez rencontrer les équipes de développement OCS Inventory NG et GLPI lors du salon Solutions Linux au CNIT, Paris la Défense les 30 , 31 janvier et 1er février 2007.



Posted by Emmanuel GUILLORY 2007-01-29

OCS Inventory NG 1.0 Final released !

OCS Inventory NG 1.0 only add some little new features since 1.0 RC3 (2006/08/02), and many bugs have been fixed.

But also, take care about the following points.

OCS Inventory NG Server for Linux version 4100.

- New page in Administration Console to upload OCS Inventory NG agent deployment through launcher OcsLogon, either for standalone or service Windows agent.
- Administration Console now shows network adapter manufacturer.
- Administration Console now allows to control IPDISCOVER bandwith usage.
- New web service available on URL “/ocsinterface” allowing to query OCS Inventory NG database through SOAP.
- Some minor bugs fixed.... read more

Posted by Didier LIROULET 2007-01-28

OCS Inventory NG 1.0 final planned begining of january 2007

We hope to publish OCS Inventory NG 1.0 final release at the begining of january 2007.

Here is a list of major updates:

- Deployment feature available for Linux agent.
- New tool OcsPackager allowing to create a installer for Windows service, running under a specified administrator account.
- New OcsLogon launcher able to donwload package created with OcsPackager, to allow using login script to deploy OCS service even if user running login script does not have administrator privileges.
- Windows service now write configuration file only once a minute, instead of once a second. It can be modified at setup.
- You can now configure latency between each ARP request in IPDISCOVER feature. This can be configured through Administration Console, or at setup.
- Agents now track deployed packages.
- Some minor new features, such as retreiving Windows computer domain and user login domain (if using multiple domain with approbation relationships).
- New installer for OCS Inventory NG Server for Windows, allowing to update existing installation, or installing on an existing XAMPP.
- Some enhancements on administration console, such as new page to have better overview of package deployement history, and uploading OcsPackage or OcsAgent.
- Some minor bugs fix.... read more

Posted by Didier LIROULET 2006-12-18

OCS Inventory NG rewarded for Trophées du Libre 2006 !

We are glad to announce that 2006 Edition jury of "Trophées du Libre", headed by Marc Shuttleworth - Chairman of the Ubuntu Foundation, gave Gold Trophy in "Security" category to OCS Inventory NG, and Silver Trophy to GLPI projects.

Organized by CETRIL (European Free Software Transfer and Research Centre), in partnership with IBM and HP, third edition of Trophées du Libre ceremony took place in Soissons thursday novembre 30, 2006 and gathered 18 finalist projects.... read more

Posted by Didier LIROULET 2006-12-03

OCS in Soissons

The OCS and GLPI teams will be present at Soissons Thursday November 30 for the "Trophées du libre".

For those and those which could not be present, there is a good news: the ceremony will be retransmitted into direct in video streaming.

More information on http://www.tropheesdulibre.org/?lg=en

Posted by Didier LIROULET 2006-11-29

OCS and GLPI nomianted at Trophées du Libre 2006

OCS Inventory NG and GLPI are nominated in category "Security" for 2006 edition of Trophées du Libre, International Free Software Contest.
OCS Inventory NG et GLPI sont nominés dans la catgéorie "Sécurité", pour l'édition 2006 des Trophées du Libre, Concours International du Logiciel Libre.
Trophées du Libre:

Posted by Emmanuel GUILLORY 2006-11-17

New web site FAQ section : Development

You want to update OCS Inventory NG source code to match your need ? Learn how inventory results are stored in database, and how to extend OCS Inventory NG using module API !

Since 1.0 RC3, OCS Inventory NG provide an API to build your own module to extend OCS capabilities.

You will find in section Support/FAQ/Development (http://ocsinventory.sourceforge.net/index.php?page=Development) how to create how your own addon module for OCS Inventory NG Communication Server and agents.... read more

Posted by Didier LIROULET 2006-09-19

Howto setup OCS Server under Windows, without XAMPP

Frédéric Prost written an howto to explain how to setup OCS Inventory NG Server under Windows without setting up XAMPP, but using existing Apache and MySQL installation.

This howto is available for download in section Downloads / Howtos (http://ocsinventory.sourceforge.net/index.php?page=howtos).

Many thanks Frédéric !

Posted by Didier LIROULET 2006-09-19

OCS Inventory NG 1.0 RC3-1 released


Bug fix for OCS Inventory NG Server:

1 - A problem with software deployment package builder and php4 has been found.
It is related to the md5_file function implementation.

2 - A problem with local import and php5 has been found. Calls to deprecated
$HTTP_POST_FILES PHP global variable has been replaced by PHP 4.1 or higher
global variable $_FILES calls.

3 - You can now use https and http normalized ressources location
(hostname[:XX][/../..]) when activating a package.... read more

Posted by Didier LIROULET 2006-08-02

How to use OCS Inventory NG Package Deployment

Pablo Iranzo Gómez writen an article describing certificate creation and use with free certificates provided by cacert.org and how to use them with OCS Inventory NG 1.0 RC3 server under Linux Debian.

English version may be found at http://alufis35.uv.es/article126.html.

Spanish translation may be found at http://Alufis35.uv.es/article127.html.

Many thanks Pablo ;-)

Posted by Didier LIROULET 2006-07-27

First 1.0 RC3 important problems : Server Patch 1

1 - A bug has been found with ocsAgentSetup.exe. The problem is that file
service.ini is not filled correctly in interactive mode. You must install it
or reinstall it over your existing installation in quiet mode (/S) to make it
working. You can do that with a login script, with a cmd or with a link (for
example OcsAgentSetup.exe /S /server:your_server /NP /debug). All parameters
will be those of ocsinventory.exe when it will be launched. We will put a new
working installer as soon as possible.... read more

Posted by Didier LIROULET 2006-07-20

OCS Inventory NG 1.0 RC3 Win32 Server available

OCS Inventory NG 1.0 RC3 Server for Windows is now available for download ;-)

Feature list are the same as Server for Linux.


Posted by Didier LIROULET 2006-07-17

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