Hi all,

I'm currently using ocempGUI widgets to develop the GUI of my software.
I need to develop a new widget in which I display video which come from an USB camera.
I have developed one which acquire the image into the update method and blit it during the draw method.
But I was forced to modify the widget that contains it because of the dirty flag. Indeed, even if my Video widget indicates that it is dirty, its container doesn't take care about it.
Is it normal ? Or does I miss something.

I was thinking about creating a new version of my widget which may create a new thread that will send messages to the Renderer. The renderer will treat the message by displaying the new image. The advantage of this method is that anytime I have got a new image, it will be displayed, but the structure of my new widget may be completely different than existing one.

Next step is to modify the rendering of the widgets using Cairo library. Followinf advices find onto the Ocemp website, I only need to modify Style module. Is it always true, or have you any over advices ?

Thanks in advance for your help

Bertrand CACHET