I have been looking over the online documentation for the new 0.2 release, and noticed that
1) the Renderer module is not listed in the epydoc frames where it would be expected.  I had to reach it
   via the TwistedRenderer page..
2) There is no 'draw' method in the Renderer, and the update method returns None.  Has the draw method
   been removed, and didn't one or the other formerly return a list of dirty rectangles?
My poking around was in search of an answer to this question, so I'll just ask:
What is the most straight-forward way to get a list of rectangles that are actually used by widgets, (ie: non-background)?
Thank you
David Keeney

On 7/22/06, Marcus von Appen <> wrote:
OcempGUI 0.2.0 has been released.

OcempGUI is a python based toolkit for creating (graphical) user
interfaces using the pygame library. It offers various widgets and base
classes, which make it suitable for a broad range of projects and easily

* python (>= 2.3 )
* pygame (>= 1.7.1)

* ATK        (>= 1.11.0)
* pkg-config   

Features in 0.2.0
access package:
* New papi (python accessible programming interface) module, which
   bridges directly to the ATK/AT-SPI accessibility system and allows
   any python application and object to be made accessible.

draw package:
* New FaderSurface class, which can fade in and out surfaces using
   alpha transparency.

events package:
* New INotifyable interface class.

widgets package:
* New ButtonBase class for rapid creation of own Button widgets.
* New Diagram and Graph2D classes for drawing diagrams and graphs.
* New ViewPort class, which acts as proxy class to add scrolling
   abilities to widgets.
* Real z-axis support using different layers.
* Improved rendering and theme support by a better separation of
   styles and drawing code.
* Instant updates. Widgets are redrawn instantly instead of being
   bound to a timer.

And many other features. See the NEWS file shipped with the package for
a complete list.

Changes in 0.2.0
* Minimum pygame requirement changed to version 1.7.1.
* Installation of additional data now respects the user flags.
* Filename fixes for case-insensitibe filesystems (affected Mac OS and Win32)

access package:
* Renamed Accessible class to IAccessible to outline that it is an
   interface class.
* Renamed Indexable class to IIndexable to outline that it is an
   interface class.
* Removed AccessibleContext class because it had no use.

events package:
* EventManager class does not use __slots__ anymore.

widgets package:
* Removed RenderLayer class.
* Improved the look of the Scale widgets.
* Style.load() now recognizes variables, which start with '_'.
* The ListItemCollection now inherits from UserList.
* The ListItemCollection constructor now receives optional list

And many other changes. See the NEWS file shipped with the package for a
complete list.

Due to heavy changes in various places, this release is not fully
compatible with the 0.1.x series. See the NEWS file of the package and the
manual for details about this.

The package and its signature are available from here:

MD5 sum = 7852f74b2b738052a67477874c09b044


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