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OCamlFuse reaches beta stage

OCamlFuse is an ocaml binding for fuse (filesystem in userspace) enabling
you to write your own multithreaded, efficient userspace filesystems
using the ocaml programming language.

This release has been updated to the fuse API version 2.2 (and above),
so it is ready for linux 2.6.14, which is going to include the
kernel-side part of fuse in the official release.

Two important issues have been fixed:... read more

Posted by Vincenzo Ciancia 2005-09-23

Second source release

I slightly fixed installation and uninstallation, now we need findlib support. Users of the previous releases or CVS should manually remove /usr/lib/ocaml/contrib (if there's only ocamlfuse inside) and reinstall the library which is now in /usr/lib/ocaml/site-packages/ocamlfuse

Posted by Vincenzo Ciancia 2005-01-23

OCamlFuse at its first source release

OCamlFuse enables one to write a filesystem in the functional programming language OCaml, ensuring static type safety and a quick development cycle. This is the first source release outside CVS and is meant to be the alpha release. We will move from alpha to beta testing when we'll have decent packaging (e.g. integration with findlib).

Posted by Vincenzo Ciancia 2005-01-17

OCamlFuse reached alpha stage

OCamlFuse has four goals: to be a

- complete
- up-to-date
- correctly multithreaded
- efficient

binding to fuse (filesystem in userspace, see http://www.sourceforge.net/projects/fuse\).

Since the first two goals have been reached (multithreading is implemented but has troubles, efficiency improvements will be made after the first release) I declare the project to have reached its alpha stage, where the developers (so the entire world, since the project is GPL) test and fix the product.

Posted by Vincenzo Ciancia 2004-11-13

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