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ocad2mp 1.14 released

* Linux port.
* Fix South hemisphere & East longtitude maps processing.
* Add ability to determine map corners coordinates from OCAD file (UTM, NZTM2000 (New Zealand), Australia 1994 grids only).
* Map border can be omitted in maps drawn in real world coordinates now.
* Hidden symbols can be ignored ("OmitHidden" parameter in [Options] section in config).
* Add ability to define map ID and map name from ocad2mp command line.
* Add ability to define map corners coordinates from custom .ini file.... read more

Posted by Leonid Lisovskiy 2008-11-13

ocad2mp 1.13 released

Major changes:
* Bezier approximation algorithm rewritten (now it use recursive method from
Anti-Grain Geometry (AGG) library (c) Maxim Shemanarev.
* Added ability to add prefixes/suffixes to labels
(new [Escapes] section in config).
* Remove limit of 32768 elements total(was from OCAD 8).
* Add ability to link labels to polygons.
* Various fixes.

Posted by Leonid Lisovskiy 2007-11-24

ocad2mp 1.12 released

Major changes:
* HalfAffine map transformation replaced with own "rubber" tetragon transformation. This helps to avoid problems with different scales on axis and etc.
* Dramatically increase symbols link process, especially for big maps.
* Bugs fixed.
* Conversion from Pulkovo 1942 can be turned off now.
* Possibility to escape elevation converion in labels.

Posted by Leonid Lisovskiy 2007-03-10

ocad2mp 1.11 released

Major changes:
* Adjustment & linking objects.
* OCAD 9 support.
* Automatic map sheet name parser.
* Flexible config.

Posted by Leonid Lisovskiy 2006-03-01