#76 presumptive ectoderm


You have

* presumptive endoderm develops_from endoderm
* presumptive mesoderm develops_from mesoderm

But there is no connection between

* presumptive ectoderm and ectoderm


  • Ceri

    Ceri - 2012-02-01

    Need to figure out what the relationship between presumptive ectoderm ZFA:0001376, determined by fate mapping, and epiblast ZFA:0000018.
    Currently ectoderm ZFA:0000016 develops from epiblast.

  • Yvonne Bradford

    Yvonne Bradford - 2012-05-03

    From ZDB-PUB-961014-1209 the epiblast is equivalent to embryonic ectoderm (which I believe would make epiblast equivalent to presumptive ectoderm)

    From ISBN 3-540-43576-X, chapter: 'The Guts of Endoderm Formation',: Fate mapping studies at eh 1-2K cell stage reveal two fate domains within the blastoderm, and animal domain whose cells will remain superficial and become the future ectoderm and the marginal domain whose cells will involute during gastrulation to become the future endoderm and mesoderm

    From ZDB-PUB-961014-576: Within the gem ring there are two germ layers: the upper, the epiblast, contiues to fee cells into the lower, the hypoblast, throughout gastrulation // the cells remaining in the epiblast when gastrulation ends correspond to the definitive ectoderm and will give rise to such tissues as epidermis, the CNS, neural crest and sensory placodes.

    I think maybe presumptive ectoderm is equal to epiblast....

  • Ceri

    Ceri - 2012-07-19
    • status: open --> open-later

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