#11 placodes


XAO:0000305 ! cranial placode has a single child, XAO:0000440 ! lateral line placode - with a develops from relation.

Should the relation not be subclass/isa?

Also - why only one child?

Currently, XAO:0000240 ! lens placode, is *not* a subclass of cranial placode, but it should be. See:


"Six types of cranial placodes exist in higher vertebrates: 1) the adenohypophyseal placode forming the anterior lobe of the pituitary gland; 2) the olfactory placode that will give rise to the olfactory epithelium of the nose; 3) the lens placode that will differentiate into the transparent lens; 4) the trigeminal placode from which the sensory neurons of the ophthalmic and maxillomandibular lobes of the ganglion of the Vth cranial nerve originate; 5) the otic placode producing precursors for the sensory epithelia of the inner ear and neurons of the VIIIth cranial nerve; and finally, 6) the epibranchial placodes (geniculate, petrosal and nodose) ....Fish and amphibians possess an additional placode, known as the lateral line, involved in the mechanosensory detection of water movements and electric fields. Finally, some amphibian species appear to have retained a primitive form of sensory placode known as the hypobranchial placode"

I think XAO that XAO:0000305 ! cranial placode should be re-labeled "neurogenic placode". See the hierarchy here:

This item is partly redundant with:


  • Erik Segerdell

    Erik Segerdell - 2012-09-18
    • priority: 4 --> 5
    • assigned_to: nobody --> seger
    • status: open --> open-accepted
  • Erik Segerdell

    Erik Segerdell - 2012-09-18
    • status: open-accepted --> pending-accepted
  • Erik Segerdell

    Erik Segerdell - 2012-09-18

    Need to fix the lateral line system and the cranial placodes in consultation with Xenbase curators.

  • Erik Segerdell

    Erik Segerdell - 2012-09-18
    • status: pending-accepted --> open-accepted
  • Erik Segerdell

    Erik Segerdell - 2014-05-26
    • status: open-accepted --> closed-fixed
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