#402 Proposed ligament terms


Please check to make sure they aren't redundant with existing terms. I tried but additional eyes would be helpful.
Source: Cubbage, C.C. and Mabee, P.M. (1996) Development of the cranium and paired fins in the zebrafish Danio rerio (Ostariophysi cyprindae). J. Morphol. 229: 121-160.
In all cases term is on first line definition on following lines.

maxillo-mandibular ligament
Ligament that connects the dentary to the maxilla.

maxillo-rostroid ligament
Ligament that connects the rostral process of the maxilla to the kinethmoid.

premaxillo-rostroid ligament
Ligament that, in the adult, attaches the premaxilla to its counterpart at the midline and the kinethmoid posterodorsally.

ceratohyal-basibranchial ligament **
Ligament that connects the ceratohyal cartilage to the basibranchial

ceratobranchial 5 ligament
The ligament that connects the anteroventral tips of ceratobranchials 5 medially.

supracleithrum-intercalar ligament
Short ligament that runs from the hooked anterior end of the supracleithrum to the intercalar.

preopercle-retroarticular ligament
Ligament that connects the preopercle to the retroarticular anteroventrally.

kinethmoid-ethmoid ligament **
Ligament that attaches the kinethmoid cartilage to the ethmoid.

** are defined as attached to cartilage. May be better to make a relationship with the skeletal element term when we figure out what relation to use.


  • Wasila Dahdul

    Wasila Dahdul - 2013-01-28
    • status: open --> closed-out-of-date

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