#400 origin of external carotid artery


id: TAO:0005022
name: opercular artery
namespace: teleost_anatomy
def: "The opercular artery arises from the hyoid stump on the first aortic arch, then follows the lateral margin of the operculum (gill covering) ventrally to reconnect into the proximal part of the first aortic arch. Isogai et al. 2001." [ZFIN:curator]
synonym: "ORA" EXACT []
synonym: "external carotid artery" EXACT []
is_a: TAO:0000005 ! artery
relationship: develops_from TAO:0005006 ! aortic arch 2

Note the conflict between the text definition and the relationship. Also, in ZFA the relationship is to arch 1.

From fig12.14 of Kardong, it looks like it could go either way

Also I see that in ZFA and TAO 'internal carotid artery' is an only part-of child to 'carotid artery'. Is there any relationship between the external carotid and the carotid? If so it should be added.

The def of carotid is:
"Artery originating at the junction of the first two aortic arches and supplying the anterior brain."


  • Ceri

    Ceri - 2012-03-27

    As for the only one child of carotid artery the information on this term is incomplete because the development of the zebrafish vascular system has only been systematically described to 7 days post fertilization. Researchers have described an internal carotid artery at that stage, so the term was made as part of the carotid artery, further elaboration of the ontology is waiting further research.

  • Wasila Dahdul

    Wasila Dahdul - 2013-02-06
    • status: open --> closed-out-of-date

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