#164 Fruit aroma vs grain/seed aroma

Rex Nelson

Currently there is a trait term under PO:0002694 fruit flavor trait that is PO:0000087 aroma with the definition of "The aroma of the cooked/uncooked grains". While a seed is a part_of fruit, the fruit itself is expected to have an aroma that is an intrinsic part of the fruit flesh and not necessarily that of the seeds. So it appears that we will need a term for the aroma of the fruit flesh. For example, apples have an aroma that is not due to the seeds. That also means that PO:0000087 should be re-named to maybe "grain aroma".

On a related note, it is not clear to me what the dividing line is between a flavor and an aroma. I believe that strictly speaking the "tastes" are sweet, sour, salt, bitter. If so, then aromas/flavors must be everything else.


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