#506 fruit ripening stage


A new term for individual fruits.

Proposed def.: A fruit development stage (PO:0001002) during which a fruit (PO:0009001) participates in the process of fruit ripening (GO:0009835).

Comment: Succeeds a fruit formation stage (PO:0025501). This stage is to be used for an individual fruit. For the development stage of a whole plant (PO:0000003), use whole plant fruit ripening stage (PO:0007010).


  • Ramona Walls

    Ramona Walls - 2012-10-15

    We already worked on fruit ripening with GO (https://sourceforge.net/tracker/index.php?func=detail&aid=3468945&group_id=36855&atid=440764).

    I have not yet proposed any subclasses for this term. The existing subclasses for whole plant fruit ripening stage are very vague and have circular definitions. Suggest that PO work on stages of individual fruit ripening and then tackle the whole plant stages.

  • Laurel Cooper

    Laurel Cooper - 2012-12-27
    • priority: 7 --> 8
    • assigned_to: rwalls --> cooperl09
  • Laurel Cooper

    Laurel Cooper - 2012-12-27

    Moving this up in priority so we can get it resolved in the next round of

  • Naama Menda

    Naama Menda - 2013-11-14

    were the child terms for fruit ripening stages added?
    we need terms for mature green fruit (beginning of ripening), breaker stage (color turning is associated with increase in ethylene in tomatoes which initiates the carotenoid biosynthesis pathways), orange fruit, and red fruit (ripening complete)


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