#504 fruit formation stage


At the POC meeting on 10-9-12, we discussed adding a new term for fruit formation stage. The definition below has been updated to reflect our discussion at the meeting.

fruit formation stage (PO:0025501): A fruit development stage (PO:0001002) that begins with the formation of a plant zygote (PO:0000423) that is contained in the fruit (PO:0009001) being studied and ends when that fruit's fruit ripening stage (PO:0025502) begins.

comment: A fruit formation stage may begin without fertilization or formation of a plant zygote (PO:0000423) in cases of parthenocarpy, apomixis, or other hormone-induced conditions. This stage applies to an individual fruit. For the development stage of a whole plant (PO:0000003), use whole plant fruit formation stage (PO:0007042).


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