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Mark Gibson

this is important actually - so if someone configures a file and its not in jar|svn/obo-files it wont load even if theres a config for repos or its in .phenote - and it clearly should load - this means folks cant really add their own ontology files - unless you put a full path to them which is silly or you are svn and have access to obo-files directory which is what nicole must have to do - so this relates to but is different to nicoles request for a obo files dir that is configurable which i believe is in tracker - actually i dont see it maybe it was just email


  • Nicole Washington

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    currently, i can add a custom obo file to the .phenote/obo-files directory and that will work as a hack. but, is that where we want them?

    there are two things to do here if phenote can't find the file. this is also appropriate to do when loading annotations and phenote doens't already have the ontologies loaded (separate tracker item).

    1. if obo file isn't in the directory specified, a popup tells the user it can't find the file. they can then specify the location of the file, or
    2. can fetch it from sourceforge (so long as the filename is correct in the config file).
    3. is there an option to browse sourceforge files?

  • Mark Gibson

    Mark Gibson - 2007-02-28

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    so this specific bug has actually been fixed - as in if the obo file is not present in the distrib obo-files directory (svn or jar) it no longer freaks - it checks .phenote and if there uses that
    but actually theres another case that still chokes and that is if file is not found in distrib or .phenote doesnt check sourceforge (if configged) for it and it should - ill start a new tracker item for that

    also nicoles comment below i will add as a new tracker item

  • Mark Gibson

    Mark Gibson - 2007-02-28
    • status: open --> closed-fixed

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