#1837 merge embryonic cilium and motile primary cilium?


I think these two terms are the same thing; investigate if there are any other cases of motile primary cilia that are not in embryonic node (-do not have or know of any evidence that is the case.)

abnormal motile primary cilium morphology [MP:0013204]

abnormal embryonic cilium morphology [MP:0004131]


  • Cynthia Smith

    Cynthia Smith - 2014-09-11

    1) Rendered 'abnormal motile primary cilium morphology'(MP:0013204) obsolete, identical to 'abnormal embryonic cilium morphology' (MP:0004131); primary term label for MP:0004131 was also modified.

    2) Rendered abnormal motile primary cilium physiology (MP:0013212) obsolete, identical to abnormal embryonic cilium physiology (MP:0008933); primary term label for MP:0008933 was also modified.

    From Karen Christie

    Hi Cindy

    Greg Pazour confirms that the only place where we know of motile primary cilia is in the node. He brings up the issue that there could be other abnormal cilia in the embryo. However, if the term has been defined specifically as the cilia of the node, it makes a lot of sense to me to merge the "abnormal embryonic cilium morphology [MP:0004131]" term into the other one since the phrase "embryonic cilium" seems prone to ambiguity and possible misuse based on the term name without looking at the definition.


    From: Karen Christie karen.christie@jax.org
    To: "Pazour, Gregory" Gregory.Pazour@umassmed.edu
    Subject: Re: a cilia question - motile primary cilia

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    Cynthia Smith - 2014-09-11
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