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bifurcated tail
DEF: the appearance of an abnormal division in the flexible elongated appendage located at the caudal end of the torso in many species
From J:12953, J:13056

abnormal tail position or orientation
DEF: tail is displaced from the normal location and/or does not orient in a typical pattern
From: J:5675, J:92872, J:42770, J:89098, J:133275, J:133274, J:68330, J:110241, J:178517

abnormal tail tip morphology
DEF: any structural anomaly of the distal end of the tail

tail necrosis
DEF: pathologic death of cells within, or a portion of, the tail, usually due to irreversible damage
From J:88742, J:131663, J:30747

wavy tail
DEF: undulations or a sinusoidal shape of the tail
SYN: undulated tail
SYN: s-shaped tail
From J:32105, J:175747, J:89098, J:172931

ALSO, consider making "twisted tail" a synonym of "curly tail [MP:0003051]"




  • Cynthia Smith

    Cynthia Smith - 2014-06-06
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  • Cynthia Smith

    Cynthia Smith - 2014-06-06

    New terms added:

    bifurcated tail [MP:0013175]

    abnormal tail position or orientation MP:0013176

    abnormal tail tip morphology MP:0013177

    tail necrosis MP:0013178

    wavy tail MP:0013179


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