#1326 abnormal capillary morphology children

Sue Bello

Currently the only child of abnormal capillary morphology is abnormal kidney capillary morphology. We have over 50 annotations to the general capillary term, so I think we should consider adding new terms. Some basic suggestions increased and decreased number (or density) and dilated capillaries.

The paper I'm working on (J:191046) deals with capillary caveolae, fenestra and transendothelial channel diaphragms. We have a term for abnormal glomerular endothelium fenestra morphology and a term for absent caveolae but nothing else. I'm annotating to abnormal capillary morphology and abnormal vascular endothelial cell morphology for this phenotype plus to appropriate tissue specific capillary terms. It may be helpful to have some combined terms to avoid the double and triple annotating.

Abnormal peritubular capillary endothelium morphology is currently not a child of abnormal vascular endothelial cell morphology.


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