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abnormal ureteral meatus morphology
SYN: abnormal ureteral opening morphology
SYN: abnormal ureteral orifice morphology
SYN: abnormal ureteric orifice morphology
SYN: abnormal ureterovesical orifice morphology
SYN: abnormal ostium ureteris morphology
SYN: abnormal orificium ureteris morphology
DEF: any structural anomaly of the slit-like opening of either ureter into the bladder; normally, the two ureteral orifices are placed at the posterolateral angles of the urinary bladder trigone while the internal urethral orifice is placed at its anteroinferior angle (apex); wide gaping usually indicates vesicoureteral reflux

From J:61482, J:77653

A child of abnormal ureterovesical junction morphology [MP:0011488]?




  • Anna Anagnostopoulos

    It may be preferable to use "abnormal ureteral orifice morphology" as the primary name, and retain "abnormal ureteral meatus morphology" as a synonym, for consistency with other (urethral) orifice terms.


  • Cynthia Smith

    Cynthia Smith - 2012-11-15
    • assigned_to: nobody --> cynthiasmith
    • status: open --> closed-accepted
  • Cynthia Smith

    Cynthia Smith - 2012-11-15

    abnormal ureteral orifice morphology MP:0011783


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