I am working on defining the term “Aquatic animal as human food” in an ontology my lab is developing. This term has a text definition of “Animal which produces food for human consumption and lives in water.” For the formal definitions (cross products) I would like to use a term in ENVO which would suffice as the value for “water”.” So the term “Aquatic animal as human food” would have a definition of has_role “produces food for human consumption” and something like lives_in/managed_in  “water.” Some possible candidates in ENVO for “water” in this definition that I’ve found include:


·         aquatic habitat ENVO:00000144

·         aquatic biome ENVO:00000428

·         aquatic feature ENVO:00000063

·         water ENVO:00002006


Please advise which would be the proper term to use in this situation.




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