Dear OBO Foundry Outreach Working Group,

We as STATO developers are happy to collaborate, avoiding duplication of effort and entirely willing to engage.

We have put significant efforts in providing not only textual but also formal definitions for the majority of STATO classes and also provide extensive documentation embedded in the ontology, all of which are central foundry principles and indicative of the resource development status.

We will be happy to discuss with OBCS developers on how to move our efforts forwards.

Best regards,

Philippe (on behalf of STATO developers)

On 04/03/2014 03:03, wrote:
Dear community members:

Two recent requests for ontology prefixes have come in on the OBO Foundry Operations Committee tracker: One for the Ontology of Biological and Clinical Statistics (OBCS, Issue 130) and one for the Statistics Ontology (STATO, Issue 131).

Although there are no strict requirements for requesting an OBO Foundry Purl,  OBO Foundry Principles do suggest that ontologies have delineated content (FP 005 delineated content) and that they be developed by collaboration (FP 010 collaboration). In interest of pursuing these principles, we would like to have an update, on this list, on if and how the developers of these two ontologies have been working together to reduce redundancy between them and ensure harmonious ontology development, or at least how you might be willing to approach the subject in the future.


Ramona Walls
(on behalf of the OBO Foundry Outreach Working Group)

The OBO Foundry Outreach Working Group
Open Biological and Biomedial Ontologies Foundry

To request a review or PURL, suggest an item for the OBO Foundry calendar, or ask a technical question, use the OBO Foundry Operations Committee issue tracker at

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