Dear Dr. Yeh,

I'd be happy to answer your questions regarding the submission of data to ZFIN using Phenote. For a general overview, please see the following page:

To specifically address your questions:

1) Pub stands for publication and is a free text field where you can enter the ZDB-PUB ID, PubMed ID or another unique identifier. If there is no publication to associate with the submission, ZFIN can create a direct submission publication record in our database that describes the submission and allows us to link that information to all associated data.

2) In the Image File field, a unique file name would be entered for the associated image. ZFIN recommends that the file name be a unique combination of, for example, mutant allele/probe/Ab name and developmental stage. The images themselves are submitted directly to ZFIN along with the Phenote file and the preferred format for images is .jpg.

3) Once the data has been saved in Phenote as a tab-delimited file or .xls file, that file along with the image files can be emailed directly to ZFIN.

If you have any additional question, we'd be happy to help with the submission and you can contact us at


Barbara J. Ruef, Ph.D.
ZFIN Scientific Curator
The Zebrafish Model Organism Database

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Can someone please answer these questions?  I don't know the details of the ZFIN configuration and dataflow.


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My name is Anderson Yeh. I'm an employee of a biotech company called AnaSpec. My company recently want to upload some data to ZFIN and I've encountered questions associated with the most recent version of Phenote. I've read the user's guide and didn't get answers I was looking for. Here are some questions:
Within the Annotation Editor window, there are total of 8 columns for entries.
1. What does Pub stand for?
2. There is a column called Image File. What am I suppose to do with it? Do I just enter the file name? How do I upload my images? Is there a specific format for uploading images?
3. Once I've my data saved as a .xls file, how should I upload it to ZFIN website?
Thanks for helping.
Anderson Yeh.