#103 hyperostosis proposed fixes


Some minor changes requested here:

.is_a HP:0100774 ! Hyperostosis *** [DEF: "Excessive growth or abnormal thickening of bone tissue."]
..is_a HP:0004437 ! Cranial hyperostosis [DEF: "Excessive growth of the cranial bones."]
...is_a HP:0004490 ! Calvarial hyperostosis [DEF: "Excessive growth of the calvarial bone."]
...is_a HP:0004493 ! Craniofacial hyperostosis [DEF: "Hyperostosis refers to a localized bone overgrowth process (as opposed to sclerosis, which refers to a generalized disturbance with increased bone density). This term is used for excessive growth of the craniofacial bones."]
....is_a HP:0005465 ! Facial hyperostosis [DEF: "Excessive growth (overgrowth) of the facial bones."]
.....is_a HP:0004438 ! Hyperostosis frontalis interna [DEF: "Bony overgrowth of the internal surface of frontal bone."]
.....is_a HP:0004472 ! Mandibular hyperostosis [DEF: "Hyperostosis (bony overgrowth) of the mandible."]
.....is_a HP:0007285 ! Facial palsy, secondary to cranial hyperostosis [DEF: "Paralysis of the facial nerves on the basis of overgrowth of the cranial bones causing impingement upon the seventh cranial nerve."]
...is_a HP:0005890 ! Hyperostosis cranialis interna [DEF: "Bony overgrowth of the internal surface of the cranial base."]
..is_a HP:0008442 ! Vertebral hyperostosis [DEF: "Excessive growth of the bones of the vertebral bodies."]

1. I suggest you use a standard definition template "excessive growsth of the X". Some of the chit-chat from HP:0004493 ! Craniofacial hyperostosis would be better moved up to HP:0100774 ! Hyperostosis (possibly added as comment rather than def)
2. How does HP:0004493 ! Craniofacial hyperostosis differ from HP:0005465 ! Facial hyperostosis? What FMA class - FMA:53673 ! Viscerocranium? Perhaps these should be merged
3. Check HP:0004438 ! Hyperostosis frontalis interna. Is the frontal bone typically considered a facial bone? It is currently placed as if it were.
4. HP:0004490 ! Calvarial hyperostosis - Excessive growth of the calvarial bone." - is the calvarium typically considered a bone? It seems it can variously refer to the cranium or the vault of the skull. If the latter, then this includes the frontal bone - see #3.


  • Chris Mungall

    Chris Mungall - 2012-11-24

    5. HP:0004437 ! Cranial hyperostosis [DEF: "Excessive growth of the cranial bones."].

    Note that sometimes "cranium" is taken to mean skull minus mandible. But this can't be the intent here, as a subtype includes HP:0004472 ! Mandibular hyperostosis.

    I am changing the logical def from "set of cranial bones" to "skull" - is this correct?

  • Peter N. Robinson

    • status: open --> closed-accepted
  • Peter N. Robinson

    1- I ahve shifted the definition sentences and revised some of the other terms as suggested. It is difficult to make one single template, and one problem is that the FMA does not have grouping terms for all of the groups that are useful in medicine. Maybe this should be considered in Uberon, but that would be scope creep.
    2. These are in fact (slightly) different
    3. The primary bones of the face are the mandible, maxilla, frontal bone, nasal bones, and zygoma
    4. Please refer to new definition

  • Chris Mungall

    Chris Mungall - 2013-02-16
    • status: closed-accepted --> open-accepted
  • Chris Mungall

    Chris Mungall - 2013-02-16

    3. Just FYI: the frontal isn't considered a facial bone by the FMA. I think it's good to make your assumptions explicit in the definition as I doubt there is wide agreement on this.

  • Peter N. Robinson

    (Wikipedia): The frontal bone or os frontis is a bone in the human skull.
    (FMA) Frontal bone part_of Neurocranium
    However, a typical medical definition (eMedicine) is: " The primary bones of the face are the mandible, maxilla, frontal bone, nasal bones, and zygoma."
    I have put the respective term under cranial hyperostosis, I think it is close enough that people will find it and it is possible that the typical medical interpretation is wrong.

  • Peter N. Robinson

    • status: open-accepted --> closed-accepted
    • Group: --> musculoskeletal

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