#101 melanoma errors

Bob Rebres

The class HP:0002861, malignant melanoma, is a subclass of HP:0008069, neoplasm of the skin, but has as a subclass HP:0007716, malignant intraocular melanoma, which conflicts by location. HP:0007716 should not be a subclass of HP:0002861.
The documentation for HP:0002861, malignant melanoma, provides a definition as melanoma of the skin, but that is over-specified with respect to the name and exact synonym values provided ('melanoma'), since primary melanomas can occur at a number of sites, including the eye, leptomeninges, and mucosal membranes (ie. melanocytes and their derived tumors occur in several organs outside skin). Name corrections to reflect cutaneous location might be warranted.
It seems a new melanoma class ('melanoma, 'malignant melanoma') could be created as a direct-superclass of HP:0002861 and HP:0007716, and HP:0011524, iris melanoma (a recently added class), could be made a subclass of HP:0007716. Though HP:0011524 is defined as a type of malignant melanoma, it is not currently connected to any of the other classes described.


  • Peter N. Robinson

    • assigned_to: nobody --> probins
    • status: open --> closed-accepted
  • Peter N. Robinson

    Thanks for the bug report. I have disentangled the melanoma terms as you suggested and also added new terms for the four main subtypes of cutaneous melanoma as well as the remaining subtypes of intraocular melanoma.


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