#1 layer of epithelial cells


We have multi and uni laminar epithelia (and atypical)

uni: Epithelium that consists of a single layer of epithelial cells
multi: Epithelium that consists of more than one layer of epithelial cells

the def refers to an undefined term. I propose adding this:

is_a hierarchy:

portion of tissue
+layer of epithelial cells

(it may seem odd to have these as siblings, but I believe it is fine as the terms are discriminated according to whether the basal lamina is considered a part)

We could then add has_part relations, with cardinality:

epithelium has_part 1-or-more layer of epithelial cells and has_part GO:basal_lamina
u-epithelium has_part 1 layer of epithelial cells
m-epithelium has_part >1 layer of epithelial cells

and a cross-ontology link:

layer of epithelial cells has_part >1 CL:epithelial cell


  • Melissa Haendel

    Melissa Haendel - 2007-09-26
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  • Melissa Haendel

    Melissa Haendel - 2007-09-26

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    The differentia seem fine to me. Question: which part relations? We haven't really discussed whether the part relations in CARO should be integral part etc. As far as I know there is no epithelium without a basal lamina and vice versa.

    I also don't know how to implement part relations with cardinality.

    'Layer of epithelial cells' might be helpful for developing structures that don't yet have a basal lamina. (and thus would be not be an integral part of epithelium).


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