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TooL v0.2.5 Source Package Released

Get it and find out about these fine new features:
- texture loading,
- ".mtl" parsing with Boost's Spirit parser framework.

Posted by Seb 2006-01-22

TooL Uses Boost's Spirit to Parse ".mtl" Files

TooL uses the power of Boost to generate its ".mtl" parser.


Posted by Seb 2006-01-22

TooL now loads materials and textures

TooL now reads associated ".mtl" files.
Ambient, diffuse, specular, shininess, and diffuse texture mapping are supported (cf. screenshots).

Most recognized image formats are accepted as textures (BMP, PNM (PPM/PGM/PBM), XPM, LBM, PCX, GIF, JPEG, PNG, TGA, and TIFF), indexed or TrueColor, transparent or opaque.

Posted by Seb 2006-01-16

TooL v0.2.3 Source Package Released

TooL is ready to import images as textures, thanks to Boost and SDL_image !

* TooL uses Boost for shared pointers (to share heavymesh and image resources)
* The window management related classes design is cleaner.
* TooL uses SDL_image to deal with image formats.

See :

Posted by Seb 2006-01-13

TooL now uses Boost for smart pointers

The great C++ library Boost provides a lot of usefull classes. TooL now uses it for shared pointers, and probably more shortly.


Posted by Seb 2006-01-13

TooL now uses CppUnit for unit testing

An additional "Test" target was added to the project, enabling unit testing.

Just ignore the "Test" directory if you don't want to use it.

See also:

Posted by Seb 2006-01-05

New Mac OS X Binary Package: v0.2.1

TooL now behaves as any other Mac OS X application.

- Droping a .obj file on the app's icon now opens the file with TooL.

- You can specify the obj file in the command line too:
> open [file.obj]

Posted by Seb 2006-01-03

New Source & Binary Packages: v0.2.0

Tool v0.2.0 is out !

- Tool now uses SDL for its display window.
- The user can now independantly move the mesh, the camera, and the world.
- If the loaded mesh has no normals, Tool generates some flat normals.
- Material loading is postponed.

Next iteration (probably coming in 2006!) will include:
- some 2D graphics (HUD and background).
- Texture & material loading.

Posted by Seb 2005-12-23

New Mac OS X Binary Package

Tool now uses SDL.

Posted by Seb 2005-12-21

Migration to SDL done

Tool doesn't use GLUT anymore to manage its display window & user events, SDL does the dirty work (

The change was rather quick, only three classes where privately affected: CWindowManager, CMouseController, and CKeyboardController.

No public interface was broken, so no other class was changed.

The change was necessary because I needed more control on the main loop, which GLUT doesn't provide.
E.g. quitting GLUT's main loop requires an exit(0), and it needed global functions for callbacks.
SDL is more complex but much cleaner (provided it's used right of course) and provides image format handling facilities, which will be necessary for textures.... read more

Posted by Seb 2005-12-21

Next iteration planning is done

In the pipe:
- get rid of GLUT in favor of SDL,
- generate normals,
- load mtl files.

Posted by Seb 2005-12-20

Mac OS X binary package available

Here's the Readme:

The OpenGL Obj Loader - v0.1

1. Release

This is the first iteration, no speed or memory optimisation has been done.
The largest model I tried (350,000 triangles) loaded alright on a 700 Mhz Mac (slightly choppy framerate though).

2. Build

Non-Mac users should change references to "GLUT/glut.h" in "GL/glut.h".
Uses OpenGL and GLUT libraries (cf.\).... read more

Posted by Seb 2005-12-16

First iteration running !

The first iteration is running, expect a file release later tonight !

It loads and displays 'OBJ' mesh with or without texture coords & normal data.

The viewer uses glut and the view is static but expect some animation in later iterations...

Posted by Seb 2005-12-14

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