oscript v1.3

oscript (ObjectScript):
+ obscure bug fixes
+ .os to .html syntax colorifier
+ osbook: tool to generate User's Guide "books" from .xml
+ script files can begin with "#!"
+ pkg.system and pkg.fs provide access to scripting engine
provided system and filesystem (respectively) APIs in a
way that won't change as scripting engine changes (ie.
a facade pattern.)
+ Proxy object, see:
http://objectscript.sourceforge.net/docs/osug.html#Proxy Objects

+ registry browser bug fixes:
- not recognizing tree structure changes when root path being
displayed is not "/"
+ FileChooser:
- no longer forces directories to be selected by filter
- enables/disables the open/save button based on selected
file matching filter
- support selecting files by double clicking... double click
on directory still expands directory
+ support for icons in menubar actions

ObjectScript Development Envinrontment (ObjectDevel):
+ editor:
- bug fixes
- revamped ENTER key binding to deal correctly with open
and close parens, and also for better performance
+ support for building bundled .app for MacOSX (if anyone
wants to help with a .exe bundler for windows, I would
appreciate it)
+ script-path window for editing script path.

Posted by Rob Clark 2003-06-09

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