Objectify Alpha_30.7 Released

I have uploaded the Objectify Alpha_30.7 release. This release has a few minor bug fixes and one new program.

I renamed the archive-add-zone program to zone-add and changed it's symbolic link from oaz to oza.

I added a new program 'archive-resize' that adjusts the total available chunks in an archive after the size of disk partition it is contained in has been changed.

Added --repair option to archive-verify to repair the MD5 checksums in the chunk_info table. Use with caution, depending upon why they are incorrect the archive may still be corrupted.

Fixed Bugs:

#28839 - if you Control-C while using file-import it will finish importing the file and terminate cleanly.

#28725 - sorted output of list_files.cgi program had two files out of order. These pages are now in the correct order:

#28067 - diff-combine seg faults if not enough arguments on the command line.

And a few other minor bug fixes and changes, see the RELEASE_NOTES file.

Remember: to build and use Objectify you have to download both the source code and a Public Objects file.

Please note I moved the NWOS/Objectify repository to https://savannah.nongnu.org/projects/objectify because my goal is to have this project become part of the GNU project.

Posted by J. Scott Edwards 2010-03-16

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